Sunday, 21 August 2011

Yay, the Fly Dog is back

Yay,I'm happy to be back

At last I'm back on the computer. As I'm sure my sister has told you mum has been very busy lately with an open day raising lots of money. Then when she finally finished that, Poppy got first go on the computer as she is the oldest.But it is finally my turn.
I have been up to so much in the last month. I have finished school for a few weeks over the summer, but before we finished I did some rally obedience. It is where you do lots of different obedience things in a course. Mum was so proud of me, we had never done this before and I got 9 out of 15 things right. I was as good as some of the dogs that had done this lots before. We have a fun day coming up soon where the agility people get to compete against the obedience people. I am so looking forwards to it, it is my chance to prove that I am so much better than Poppy, as mum is taking us both.
Waiting for Pop to come out of the sea
I have been on a few nice outings with mum, dad and Poppy. We went back to the beach and I found out that I am still scared of the water. Poppy goes in it, but I have found I can have as much fun standing on the edge and barking at Poppy when she gets out. I did have a couple of cheeky ear tugs as she came out but then mum spotted me and told me off.
Our fluffy house guest Jiggy
Poppy has probably told you already but we have a house guest called Jiggy. He is a fluffy old shi tzu who needs a new home. I was feeling very sorry for him as he doesn't have anywhere to call his own, but today he has annoyed me. I think he thinks he is staying with us permanently, which mum has said can't hapen, and he has got rather confident. He told me off today for going near his bed, and he barked at Poppy for walking past him. Mum has told him off and put his bed in the corner of the room. She says being old and needy is no excuse for being grumpy. I love mum for sticking up for me, I pretend to be brave but I'm a scaredy Fly really.
Mum is making me sad though as she says I need a bath. I hate baths and I will not be pleased if she forces me to have one. I spend so much time selecting the right horse or cow poo to roll in, and then making sure I have the perfect amount of coverage. But mum says I am disgusting and smelly and the shampoo alone is not good enough, I need to get in to the bath.
I feel now might be a good time to run off and hide.She will never find me under the kitchen table!
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx