Sunday, 30 December 2012

No more Fly blog

Mummy hasn't let me or Poppy write blogs for ages, that made us really sad. However she has given in and said we can use the computer again, but we can only have one blog between two of us. She said we do lots of things together so it seems silly to have two blogs and it takes her too long to help us both.
We agreed to share Poppy's blog, mostly because Poppy is older than me and she said she'd bite me if I didn't agree!
So now you can find our shared blog Confessions of a Spoilt Spaniel and Sprollie at
I hope you read it
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Clever Fly Dog

Mummy would firstly like to apologise yet again for never letting the Fly dog on her lap top. She knows she is bad and must try harder!
A happy Fly
Mummy is very proud of me at the moment. Because of my little problems with dogs I have had to go to different training classes. I had to do a reactive dogs class. I spent so much time in the first two weeks shaking and trying to hide, and then growling and lunging at dogs that I had to sit behind a screen for week three. But mum was very good about doing my homework with me, and taking me to lots of places to practice my reactions. And I'm very pleased to report that by week six I was able to fully join in with the class without trying to attack any other dogs. Mum knows I won't ever be able to meet every kind of dog without a few problems, but at least now I have enough self control to ignore them. Mostly because I know that sometimes when I ignore dogs I get a piece of cheese or a game of tug!
Tuppy and me snuggling
I am very good with my foster sister Tuppence though (who is still very much alive despite her age and problems). I always like a good snuggle, and Poppy takes up a lot of human snuggles at bed time. And she can be grumpy with me sometimes. So I have had to snuggle Tuppy instead, and it turns out she is lovely to cuddle next to. I do love her, I hope she lives for a little while longer yet.
We've had lots of amazing walks. My top 5 favourite walks are
Lydeard Hill - when there aren't too many walkers
Having a good sniff
The Beach - when dogs don't run up to me
Beer Wood - But it would be better if Poppy was allowed off lead
The Levels - Especially when it is muddy
Burrow Mump - an amazing place with great smells and some ruins to play in.
I'm pleased to say that I have been on all of these walks this month. Happy, happy Fly Dog. I also had a hoof filled with tripe. Life is very good!
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Fly Dog is back

Hi my Fly Dog friends
I'm sorry I disappeared for a while, I have been a busy Fly Dog. Lots of things have happened in the last month.
The Vet
I went to the vet. I hadn't been to a vet since I was in the rescue centre, but my mum says that all doggies have to have jabs each year. Poppy told me vets were scary so when I got there I slinked along on my belly and tucked my tail between my legs. But actually it wasn't at all scary, and the vet gave me sausage. Either I'm a very brave girl or Poppy is a wimp.
A Sketchy Fly Time
I was a sad and scared Fly for a little while because I had a season, and it made my hormones go all funny. I got scared of everything and because lots of boy doggies started sniffing me a lot I started barking and growling at all dogs worse than I normally do. Mum says I am being spayed in April. I don't really know what that is, but if it means my hormones don't send me funny any more then I'm ok with it.
New Fly Training Classes
Mum says that because I failed my Good Citizens Bronze award she doesn't think I will do well in my old training class. So she has decided I should be a less reactive Fly and now she is taking me to reactive dog classes. Unfortunately I proved to be the most reactive dog in the class and I lunged and growled a lot. But me and mum have been doing loads of homework and mum said to me this week that she thinks there might be hope for me yet. Yay for Fly!
My Tuppy friend is still alive
It's been a month of celebratory walks in January because I have been living with my mum and dad and my Poppy sister for a whole year now. That makes me really happy. When I first came to live with them I was scared of everything, and I kept thinking they would send me away again if I did bad. But now I know that my mum and dad love me very much and even though my mum calls me a strange little beast she says she wouldn't be without me.

Big cuddles
Fly sprollie dog xxx

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fly Dog New Years Resolutions

I survived my very first family Christmas without being too scared and I think I behaved very well (mum has agreed not to mention the baubles I have pulled off the tree). This time last year I was a scaredy little pup that lived outside on a farm. Mum says that now Christmas is over I have to make New Years Resolutions. She says I must make a list of things that I intend to do to improve myself. I thought that was a little rude of her as I think I am lovely, but then I stopped to think a while and I came up with some.
1) I will not strangle mum by using her scarf as a tug toy
2) I will not chew the kitten (unless she bites me first)
3) I will not growl at people and animals that go near my food (unless it's a rawhide and they get very close)
4) I will try to be nicer to black Labrador's
5) I will not bark on every single car journey (only if I think it's a really good place we're going to)
6) If I roll in poo I will try not to rub it on people that I don't know very well
7) I will not eat all the post that is delivered (I will limit it to junk mail and bank statements)
8) I will not tug Poppy's ears quite so hard and will stop when she asks me to
9) I will not chase and herd cyclists, horse riders, joggers and cars. I know that it upsets mum and will hurt if I catch any of these things (If the cyclist talks to me though I do reserve the right to chase a little)
10) I will behave impeccably at my next Good Citizens Bronze Award test and will not eat horse poo and wash my bum when asked to wait for a minute

Mummy says she will be very proud of me if I can manage a few of these things most of the time! Apparently she doesn't have very high expectations of me. I think I'm such a good Fly and I'm sure I will do well at my resolutions.
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's nearly test time

Worrysome little me
My Bronze Good Citizens award test is next Monday. I am feeling so worrysome about it. Mummy has told me that it doesn't matter if I fail and that she is proud of me anyway because I've improved so much. But I really hope I do pass, it will make mummy very happy. I do a lovely recall, and I'm getting a bit better at loose lead walking (especially if mum makes her hands smell like cheese!). I'm happier about being groomed and inspected now, and I think I may even cope with walking near other dogs. But the gate still scares me! I don't know why I am scared of gates, I think I might always be scared of them, so I think I may not sit still when mum asks me to while she opens a gate. And I am struggling with my wait. I get a bit worried after 50 seconds so I get up, when I am supposed to sit there for a minute. I hope that if we practice a lot I may be able to do well.
The whole family at the beach
I have a new friend as well, her name is Tuppence. She is an old girl with floppy black ears that look like mine. She sleeps a lot and wee's a lot! She is probably very old, and the poor girl was a stray in Wales. It sounds awful, I never want to be a stray. She came to the kennels where mum works, and where I was living when mum found me. Mum took her home because she has a very bad heart condition and may not live very long. I hope she lives a lot longer, I think she is very sweet. I even share a bed with her at night sometimes, I don't even do that with my Poppy sister.
Flying Sprollie
I was very scared this week. A tree is in our house. I know I'm only a young girl, but I'm old enough to know tree's don't live in houses! So I stayed away from our living room for a whole day. But mum tells me that having a tree in the house means santa paws will come and give me presents. I'm excited now. My very first Christmas with mum and dad!
Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bouncing Fly
 Mum is such a meanie, she hardly ever lets me on the computer. She tells me she is too busy to help me, and then whenever she does get time she helps Poppy first, because Poppy is the oldest doggy. But anyway I'm back now.
I went on a great walk today with mum and Poppy. I had amazing fun which you can see from all my Fly pictures. Mum took us to a new walk on the Quantocks. She was worried when we first got there because the car park was full and she thought that we would see lots of people and dogs. Lately we have been going on lots of walks where I keep seeing other dogs and I've found it very stressful. But I was such a happy bouncy Fly when we went out on to the hills and didn't see any other dogs. Mummy threw Poppy's ball for her so that Poppy could come off lead. That was good for me because it meant I could have a good herd and chase of Pop.
 And because Pop was enjoying herself so much she didn't tell me off for tugging at her ears, so it was a great result for both of us. When I wasn't herding Pop I ran through the bracken, bounced over long grass and rolled in some fantastic smells. Mum says I don't smell very pleasant right now, but I have to disagree, I think I smell amazing.
I did do a tiny bit bad on the way home, although I'm not sure it was all my fault. There were some cows being herded down the road, and we all know I get worrysome around cows. They got close to the car, and I
panicked a little bit. I pressed my face up to the window and growled and barked. Unfortunately the cows got scared and they broke through a small gap in the hedge in to a field they weren't supposed to go in, and ran very quickly to the other side of a very big field, with the farmer chasing after them and shouting. Whoops! Mum drove off very quickly at that point. She says why do bad things always happen when there's a Fly dog around? I feel that's very unfair, it isn't always my fault.

Rolling Fly

I'm still practising very hard for my Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Award. I'm going to be assessed before Christmas (I'm not sure what Christmas is, mum says she'll explain it soon). I really am trying but I'm finding it quite difficult. I do a beautiful sit and wait and can stay there for as long as mum wants me to. But I find it stressful being asked to wait so I always bite mum afterwards. Mum is really hoping that I won't be marked down for that, it's not like I bite her hard.

Taking a short break

My recall is very good, so I should do OK with that. But I'm still a bit worried about walking nicely on a lead especially with dogs around. And most worryingly I have to show that I'm not worried about being groomed. How on earth will I manage that. I'm worried about everything so of course I'll be worried about the grooming. And I don't think I'll pass if I look nervous. I'm hoping that if I can prove that I'm only as nervous being groomed as I am when I'm not being groomed, then I should be fine. So long as I don't wee myself I should be ok! And if I pass it proves I'm more obedient than Poppy. Clever me!

Running with my Pop sister
Poppy is feeling a little fragile. She's turning four next week and she's feeling old. She says she gets tired much more easily now, and it doesn't help that I keep chasing her and that she has a tiny kitten that keeps hanging off her ears and chasing her around. She keeps sighing and saying that it's really hard to keep up with us youngsters. Poppy is just being silly though, she's still bouncy and young. I hope we have a lovely day to celebrate her birthday.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My exciting month

SHaking my Fly ears
At the beach with Dad
I am so sorry to all my Fly blog readers for not writing anything for a whole month. You see the problem is that my mum has been too busy to help me write. She says that she has to do something she calls work, and that she works to buy me dog food. So I suppose I will forgive her. October has been a lovely month so I shall tell you all about my best moments.
The beach
I have been to the beach three times! I love the beach. I wonder if the beach might possibly be my favouritist place ever. Also last time we went my Poppy sister wasn't given her ball, so she actually played around and chased me. Everything is so much nicer when Poppy plays with me instead of ignoring me.
My Mump
Digging on my mump
I got to play on my mump last weekend. Burrow Mump is a truly great mump. And I found a great smell in the ground which mum let me dig at to try and find the source of the smell. Digging is fun! Mum says I like digging so much that she wonders if I'm a terrier. I'm probably not though. I also like standing at the top of my mump and barking at anyone who comes up it, I pretend I own it.
Fly School
I'm doing well at Fly school. I'm going to be doing my kennel club good citizen bronze award before Christmas. Mum didn't think I would be ready but actually I'm doing well. I've learnt to do a wait, although I really don't know whether I can manage it for a whole minute. My recall is very nice, but it always has been. The bits I'm struggling with are walking nicely around other dogs. Some of the other dogs scare me a little so I can't help but bark and lunge at them. Mum is hoping that we are going to be paired with the little cocker spaniel puppy that doesn't scare me.
My kitten friend
My new friend
I have a kitten friend. She is three weeks old and mum is hand rearing her because she is the only surviving kitten in the litter, and her mum is ill as well. She is a very sweet little kitten and me and Poppy help mum out by washing her and playing with her. I really hope she gets big and strong and does ok because I really like her.

So as you can see October was a lovely Fly month. I really hope November is as nice.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx