Thursday, 27 January 2011

Settling in

I've had quite a tough week this week as while I love my new mum and dad and especially my sister an awful lot, I am finding a lot of things very different and scary. Mum has been taking me to her work, which is where I lived for a couple of weeks before she took me home. I do like it there because there are some lovely fields to run in, but I always get scared that she will put me back in the kennels. Luckily she keeps me in her office and although I disgraced myself by pooing in there yesterday, she still says she doesn't mind me being in there.
I don't like going in the car though as it moves very fast and I am always sick. Mummy looks after me very well after I've been sick, but I just don't like being sick, it feels nasty. Mum has put a crate in there now and she says that might help. I really hope so.
I love spending time on my comfy sofa
I still find walks very scary so mum has stopped trying to take me near roads until I am happier about walking. I think Poppy gets annoyed that her walks are shorter because of me, but dad said to ignore her because he takes her for lovely long walks while I am at work with mum. I did just come back from a fantastic walk with poppy though, as mum put me on a flexi lead so I could run and play. We had such a good play that we are both exhausted now. Mum says hopefully we will sleep well tonight. Apparently it is not acceptable to wake mum and dad up throughout the night just because I want a cuddle. She says cuddles will only happen when people are already awake. They have put a gate across the bedroom door so that I can still see them but I can't get in. We'll see about that. I'm sure if I try hard I can jump it!
I think Poppy has walked off with the rawhide so I better see what's going on. If I'm not quick she'll hide it from me.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Things I met on my walks

How cute am I!!
I have had a couple of walks now and they have been great but a bit scary. I met a lot of things I haven't seen before, some of them I liked and some scared me.
  • Cars - scary but necessary I believe. I can't work out whether they want to hurt me or not. Mum says they will only hurt me if I get in their way. I also wonder if I should chase them, as they go fast and I like chasing things that move fast. Mum says I shouldn't, that definitely will hurt.
  • Lorries - like big cars. Very scary. I really won't chase these.
  • Bikes - These confuse me. They only have two wheels and they go along places where I like to walk. I think people should either walk or they should have a car. Mum says bikes get you fit and are quicker than walking. I think bikes look like they might be worth chasing and Poppy agrees with me. Anything which goes along the same paths we walk on is fair game as far as me and my big sis are concerned.
  • Ducks and moorhens - They scare me, but Poppy says they're great to chase. I'm not so sure. They fly so how will I catch them, and they have loud scary quacks. I asked Poppy what she does when they fly off and she gave me a bad look. Maybe I'm missing something.
  • Children - they are tiny people and that really scares me. I know that I'm not allowed to growl at them or bite them (all pups are told this very early on, we know it is the worst thing we could ever do) so I did the next best thing and hid behind mum. The child stroked Poppy instead. She was not impressed, I have a feeling she'll make me pay for that later.
  • A road sweeper - amazing. A car with brushes on it.
  • A push chair - scary. They have children in.
  • An umbrella - confusing. Firstly I have never seen one before, secondly it wasn't raining. Mum says crazy people walk along the canal sometimes
  • Lots of other dogs. Poodle = scary. Jack Russel = scary. Golden Retriever = friendly. Black lab 1 = scary. Black lab 2 = friendly. Mum laughed at me and said they were all lovely friendly dogs, but I have only seen my brothers and sisters at the farm, a few dogs at the rescue centre, and Poppy before so I think it's ok to be scared.
    Tired dogs after our walk
  • A football match - confusing but fun. Poppy says they're a waste of time because dogs are never allowed to get the ball. I said to her that I think we should pretend we're well behaved so mum lets us off the lead, then we should run after the ball. Poppy thought it was a great idea, but says that mum will never let us because after three years of living with her, she is very cynical.
On the whole I'm doing very well and am getting on well with Poppy. I have lost sofa privileges though because I jumped on the sofa and sat on Pop's rawhide. When she asked for it back I growled at her.So now I have to sleep on the floor until I deserve to go on the sofa again. I hope I deserve to go back on the sofa soon. I really like it there.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Scary but lovely new home

Hi my names Fly and my new big sister Poppy has been writing a blog. I think my big sister is great so anything she does I want to do, so I thought I would start my own blog too.
I was born on a farm and lived there until recently with my mum (a pretty spaniel) and my dad (a brilliant working collie) and lots of brothers and sisters in outside kennels. But I found the sheep and the other animals very scary and so the farmer said I couldn't stay there any longer. His daughter took me to a rescue centre so that I could find a better new home. I was sad to leave my family but happy I wouldn't have to live on a scary farm any more.
I spent nearly three weeks in the rescue centre and a nice lady visited me every day and sat with me and sometimes gave me treats. For the past couple of days she walked me as well. The other dogs told me that was a good sign and that she would probably give me a new home. I was pleased as she seemed like a nice lady and always has a lot of tasty snacks.
Yesterday the lady took me out of the kennels and picked up my bed and cuddly toy too. I was a little bit scared as I was getting used to my kennel, but the other dogs told me that a house is nicer than a kennel. We went in a car which was exciting, I didn't know dogs could go in cars. It was a little bit bumpy so I threw my lunch up on the floor of the car. I was worried I would get shouted at but the nice lady laughed. Then she said it smelt bad so when we stopped she made a nice man come out of the house and clear it up.
When I went in the house where we had stopped I met my big sister Poppy. She is a very pretty three year old spaniel who seems very clever. She says the lady and man are my new mum and dad and that they're lovely and are called Anna and Rob. She says they are the givers of food, rawhide, toys and cuddles so it is always a good idea to be nice to them. She also said that if being nice doesn't work, barking might. I haven't ever really barked so I might practice.
Me on a very comfy sofa. I'm a happy pooch
I have never been in a house before so I am finding things very scary right now. I don't really understand all the things in a house, and how I'm supposed to behave. Poppy keeps telling me just to copy what she does, but mum said I shouldn't copy everything she does as she is naughty sometimes. At least everyone is being very nice at the moment and although I think Poppy is a little bit annoyed with me following her round everywhere, she is still letting me.
I'm very tired now after all the excitement of moving and after learning how to type. This is the first time I've had to use a computer, I hope I did ok. I'm going to have a little nap now, but when I wake up I will write about my first walk.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx