Thursday, 27 January 2011

Settling in

I've had quite a tough week this week as while I love my new mum and dad and especially my sister an awful lot, I am finding a lot of things very different and scary. Mum has been taking me to her work, which is where I lived for a couple of weeks before she took me home. I do like it there because there are some lovely fields to run in, but I always get scared that she will put me back in the kennels. Luckily she keeps me in her office and although I disgraced myself by pooing in there yesterday, she still says she doesn't mind me being in there.
I don't like going in the car though as it moves very fast and I am always sick. Mummy looks after me very well after I've been sick, but I just don't like being sick, it feels nasty. Mum has put a crate in there now and she says that might help. I really hope so.
I love spending time on my comfy sofa
I still find walks very scary so mum has stopped trying to take me near roads until I am happier about walking. I think Poppy gets annoyed that her walks are shorter because of me, but dad said to ignore her because he takes her for lovely long walks while I am at work with mum. I did just come back from a fantastic walk with poppy though, as mum put me on a flexi lead so I could run and play. We had such a good play that we are both exhausted now. Mum says hopefully we will sleep well tonight. Apparently it is not acceptable to wake mum and dad up throughout the night just because I want a cuddle. She says cuddles will only happen when people are already awake. They have put a gate across the bedroom door so that I can still see them but I can't get in. We'll see about that. I'm sure if I try hard I can jump it!
I think Poppy has walked off with the rawhide so I better see what's going on. If I'm not quick she'll hide it from me.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

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  1. Hehe, awweh bless you. You'll get all relaxed and everything soon! (: