Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fly Dog New Years Resolutions

I survived my very first family Christmas without being too scared and I think I behaved very well (mum has agreed not to mention the baubles I have pulled off the tree). This time last year I was a scaredy little pup that lived outside on a farm. Mum says that now Christmas is over I have to make New Years Resolutions. She says I must make a list of things that I intend to do to improve myself. I thought that was a little rude of her as I think I am lovely, but then I stopped to think a while and I came up with some.
1) I will not strangle mum by using her scarf as a tug toy
2) I will not chew the kitten (unless she bites me first)
3) I will not growl at people and animals that go near my food (unless it's a rawhide and they get very close)
4) I will try to be nicer to black Labrador's
5) I will not bark on every single car journey (only if I think it's a really good place we're going to)
6) If I roll in poo I will try not to rub it on people that I don't know very well
7) I will not eat all the post that is delivered (I will limit it to junk mail and bank statements)
8) I will not tug Poppy's ears quite so hard and will stop when she asks me to
9) I will not chase and herd cyclists, horse riders, joggers and cars. I know that it upsets mum and will hurt if I catch any of these things (If the cyclist talks to me though I do reserve the right to chase a little)
10) I will behave impeccably at my next Good Citizens Bronze Award test and will not eat horse poo and wash my bum when asked to wait for a minute

Mummy says she will be very proud of me if I can manage a few of these things most of the time! Apparently she doesn't have very high expectations of me. I think I'm such a good Fly and I'm sure I will do well at my resolutions.
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's nearly test time

Worrysome little me
My Bronze Good Citizens award test is next Monday. I am feeling so worrysome about it. Mummy has told me that it doesn't matter if I fail and that she is proud of me anyway because I've improved so much. But I really hope I do pass, it will make mummy very happy. I do a lovely recall, and I'm getting a bit better at loose lead walking (especially if mum makes her hands smell like cheese!). I'm happier about being groomed and inspected now, and I think I may even cope with walking near other dogs. But the gate still scares me! I don't know why I am scared of gates, I think I might always be scared of them, so I think I may not sit still when mum asks me to while she opens a gate. And I am struggling with my wait. I get a bit worried after 50 seconds so I get up, when I am supposed to sit there for a minute. I hope that if we practice a lot I may be able to do well.
The whole family at the beach
I have a new friend as well, her name is Tuppence. She is an old girl with floppy black ears that look like mine. She sleeps a lot and wee's a lot! She is probably very old, and the poor girl was a stray in Wales. It sounds awful, I never want to be a stray. She came to the kennels where mum works, and where I was living when mum found me. Mum took her home because she has a very bad heart condition and may not live very long. I hope she lives a lot longer, I think she is very sweet. I even share a bed with her at night sometimes, I don't even do that with my Poppy sister.
Flying Sprollie
I was very scared this week. A tree is in our house. I know I'm only a young girl, but I'm old enough to know tree's don't live in houses! So I stayed away from our living room for a whole day. But mum tells me that having a tree in the house means santa paws will come and give me presents. I'm excited now. My very first Christmas with mum and dad!
Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bouncing Fly
 Mum is such a meanie, she hardly ever lets me on the computer. She tells me she is too busy to help me, and then whenever she does get time she helps Poppy first, because Poppy is the oldest doggy. But anyway I'm back now.
I went on a great walk today with mum and Poppy. I had amazing fun which you can see from all my Fly pictures. Mum took us to a new walk on the Quantocks. She was worried when we first got there because the car park was full and she thought that we would see lots of people and dogs. Lately we have been going on lots of walks where I keep seeing other dogs and I've found it very stressful. But I was such a happy bouncy Fly when we went out on to the hills and didn't see any other dogs. Mummy threw Poppy's ball for her so that Poppy could come off lead. That was good for me because it meant I could have a good herd and chase of Pop.
 And because Pop was enjoying herself so much she didn't tell me off for tugging at her ears, so it was a great result for both of us. When I wasn't herding Pop I ran through the bracken, bounced over long grass and rolled in some fantastic smells. Mum says I don't smell very pleasant right now, but I have to disagree, I think I smell amazing.
I did do a tiny bit bad on the way home, although I'm not sure it was all my fault. There were some cows being herded down the road, and we all know I get worrysome around cows. They got close to the car, and I
panicked a little bit. I pressed my face up to the window and growled and barked. Unfortunately the cows got scared and they broke through a small gap in the hedge in to a field they weren't supposed to go in, and ran very quickly to the other side of a very big field, with the farmer chasing after them and shouting. Whoops! Mum drove off very quickly at that point. She says why do bad things always happen when there's a Fly dog around? I feel that's very unfair, it isn't always my fault.

Rolling Fly

I'm still practising very hard for my Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Award. I'm going to be assessed before Christmas (I'm not sure what Christmas is, mum says she'll explain it soon). I really am trying but I'm finding it quite difficult. I do a beautiful sit and wait and can stay there for as long as mum wants me to. But I find it stressful being asked to wait so I always bite mum afterwards. Mum is really hoping that I won't be marked down for that, it's not like I bite her hard.

Taking a short break

My recall is very good, so I should do OK with that. But I'm still a bit worried about walking nicely on a lead especially with dogs around. And most worryingly I have to show that I'm not worried about being groomed. How on earth will I manage that. I'm worried about everything so of course I'll be worried about the grooming. And I don't think I'll pass if I look nervous. I'm hoping that if I can prove that I'm only as nervous being groomed as I am when I'm not being groomed, then I should be fine. So long as I don't wee myself I should be ok! And if I pass it proves I'm more obedient than Poppy. Clever me!

Running with my Pop sister
Poppy is feeling a little fragile. She's turning four next week and she's feeling old. She says she gets tired much more easily now, and it doesn't help that I keep chasing her and that she has a tiny kitten that keeps hanging off her ears and chasing her around. She keeps sighing and saying that it's really hard to keep up with us youngsters. Poppy is just being silly though, she's still bouncy and young. I hope we have a lovely day to celebrate her birthday.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My exciting month

SHaking my Fly ears
At the beach with Dad
I am so sorry to all my Fly blog readers for not writing anything for a whole month. You see the problem is that my mum has been too busy to help me write. She says that she has to do something she calls work, and that she works to buy me dog food. So I suppose I will forgive her. October has been a lovely month so I shall tell you all about my best moments.
The beach
I have been to the beach three times! I love the beach. I wonder if the beach might possibly be my favouritist place ever. Also last time we went my Poppy sister wasn't given her ball, so she actually played around and chased me. Everything is so much nicer when Poppy plays with me instead of ignoring me.
My Mump
Digging on my mump
I got to play on my mump last weekend. Burrow Mump is a truly great mump. And I found a great smell in the ground which mum let me dig at to try and find the source of the smell. Digging is fun! Mum says I like digging so much that she wonders if I'm a terrier. I'm probably not though. I also like standing at the top of my mump and barking at anyone who comes up it, I pretend I own it.
Fly School
I'm doing well at Fly school. I'm going to be doing my kennel club good citizen bronze award before Christmas. Mum didn't think I would be ready but actually I'm doing well. I've learnt to do a wait, although I really don't know whether I can manage it for a whole minute. My recall is very nice, but it always has been. The bits I'm struggling with are walking nicely around other dogs. Some of the other dogs scare me a little so I can't help but bark and lunge at them. Mum is hoping that we are going to be paired with the little cocker spaniel puppy that doesn't scare me.
My kitten friend
My new friend
I have a kitten friend. She is three weeks old and mum is hand rearing her because she is the only surviving kitten in the litter, and her mum is ill as well. She is a very sweet little kitten and me and Poppy help mum out by washing her and playing with her. I really hope she gets big and strong and does ok because I really like her.

So as you can see October was a lovely Fly month. I really hope November is as nice.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I love Fly school

I'm so enjoying my time at doggy school these days. We go to an indoor riding school now that it gets dark at night. It is such a great place to go. It smells of all different horsey and doggy smells. Mum says my spaniel brain has kicked in, as I spend the whole lesson wagging my tail and sniffing things while I ignore her. She doesn't really mind though as the main aim is for me to be able to be nice when I see other dogs, and as I'm so busy sniffing I keep forgetting to growl at the other dogs. I even have a little friend there, she's called Treacle and because she is a spaniel she reminds me of Poppy. She helps me find the best smells and then we bounce around together.
A calm chilled out Fly
Mum learnt something else interesting while she was at school with me. Apparently in my diet I should only have 20-25% protein. And it turns out that silly mummy has been feeding loads more protein than she realised so I've been getting about 45% protein! And protein makes me full of energy and a little bit hyperactive and snappy, so mum says no wonder I'm a pain sometimes. Unfortunately it means that me and Poppy don't get any tinned food now, we just have fish and rice flavoured biscuits. But I suppose it will be worth it if we feel calmer and happier.
Mum brought us both a present last week.We have matching purple coats now for when it gets cold. I promise I will post pictures soon, but I refused to keep it on for more than a couple of minutes as no self respecting sprollie should have to put a coat on when its 30 degrees outside.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mum says I'm naughty

In my cosy snuggy nest
Firstly I'd like to report the good news that I am a slightly happier sprollie than I was. In the end the pheromones made me a little bit odd so I have had the collar taken off and I'm off the drugs and now I feel slightly more happy. The nesting has all been down to a bizarre phantom pregnancy, it turns out they run in our doggy family, Poppy used to have them badly. Mum says that when she is paid I will be taking a trip to the vets for neutering. I don't know what neutering is, and haven't been to the vets since I had my vaccinations when mum adopted me. I hope it's nothing to worry about.
However despite the fact that I am a little happier, mum says she is very cross with me. I did bad today. You see I didn't get a walk until 4pm today as it has rained a lot and also because Poppy has hurt her foot and can't walk (honestly, that dog's always injured). And not getting a walk displeases me. I know that I don't like rain but it would be nice to be asked. So this morning when mum popped in to town I ate dad's walking boot and shredded the remains all over their bed. That was a protest against mum for not walking me sooner, and dad for going out to work.
Mum, I'm bored, walk me
Then when mum went to pick dad up from work i felt a sudden bowel movement needing to happen. In all honesty I could have held on, but how was I to know I was only going to be left for half an hour, they could have been staying out for ages for all I knew. So I considered that if I were to poo anywhere I should do it in the spare room mum uses as an office to make a protest. I think my protest was heard, she said bad words!
But it worked! I have just got back from an enjoyably muddy walk with mum. Who I'm sure will think twice before making me wait all day for a walk again!
Aren't Sprollies loveable!
Big cuddles

Fly xxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Slightly happier Sprollie

Happy, rolling Fly
The funny things that my mum said are called pheromones are working now and I feel all funny and calm most of the time. It has had one strange side effect, I keep wanting to build nests. I have nests all over the house that I've made out of cushions and beds, and I've even dug a couple of nice holes in the garden that I can nest in. Mum keeps shrugging her shoulders and sighing when she sees the nests but says it's a small price to pay really for a calm Fly.
I went back to school on Monday and it was nice, if a little worrying at first. There are some new dogs, and most of the old dogs have stopped coming, and I found that ever so slightly worrysome. There is a cocker spaniel that I have met before, and there was a springer spaniel that looked a bit like Poppy and I liked her, but there was also a black labradoodle. I think everyone knows how scared I am of black dogs so you can guess how that went! I'm not proud of this but I lunged at her and tried to bite her. She was ok though and I'm hoping that with time we can make friends.

Happy Fly again
I've been having a lot of fun with Poppy this week. Mum and dad have being training her to come back so that she can be let off lead out on walks like she used to be. She still has a little bit to learn but manages to concentrate if there are squeaky tennis balls.We have had fantastic walks across fields on the levels, and we have even been to the beach. I had to be put on lead at the beach a couple of times because I like to chase the steam train that goes past, but even being on lead couldn't stop me enjoying myself.
Herding my sister Poppy dog
I would quite like to have a play with the squeaky ball myself but I know how much Poppy loves a squeaky ball and it wouldn't be fair to her to take it. So I have to be content with doing what Fly dogs do best and just chase and herd Poppy while she runs after the ball. I'm not sure Poppy enjoys that so much but I had a chat with her and told her that it was either that or taking the ball, and she agreed that my herding was possibly the best option.
I do love having Poppy back as a running and chasing friend outside. I may beat her up and chase her sometimes but I really love my sister.
Big Cuddles
A less worried Fly xxx

Sunday, 4 September 2011

A tough Sprollie time

I had a bath. That worried me lots!
I'm sorry for not writing for a while, but unfortunately my confidence has taken a bit of a dent. I have been a really scaredy Fly and just haven't been happy. In fact I've been a bit scared of life in general. I'm so lucky that mum and dad have been really lovely and have helped me a lot.
Firstly I got scared of going in cars. I got all trembly when I went near a car, then I got all shouty and angry when I got in a car.
Then I got bad about going in to kennels at work, and I got quite aggressive with mum and with Poppy. So she took me in to the office but I started being aggressive with the office dogs.
Then all sorts of things became scary. Walks were scary, the back garden was scary and passing cars became things to lunge and growl at again. Things finally got very bad when I bit a Saluki on a walk. I'm not proud of this but I did it because I was so scared.
Stalking Jiggy during happier times
Mum has given me weird things she calls pheromones. I am wearing another collar which makes me feel calm and relaxed. Then mum plugged something in which smells funny but relaxes me. And she has been putting a powder on my food. She says all of these things are supposed to relax me and make me calmer while she does a lot more training. And I think it might be working.
I was kept away from the car for a week, and now mum is making sure I have had a nice walk and am tired before I get in the car, and it's working. I still get scared but nowhere near as bad as I did, and mum gives me sausage which makes me enjoy the car ride a lot more. Dad has been taking me and Poppy over the field with a ball and throws it for her. She chases the ball and I chase her so everyone's a winner, and we're so tired out that I forget about the fact that the world is so worrysome.

Rolling still makes me happy
I really don't know quite how I got so scared about life again. I think I got a little bit worried about things after Jiggy went home because whilst I hate to admit it I miss the little Shi tzu. But the pheromones are starting to work now so hopefully life will be much happier from now on.

Big cuddles
The worried Fly Dog xxx

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Yay, the Fly Dog is back

Yay,I'm happy to be back

At last I'm back on the computer. As I'm sure my sister has told you mum has been very busy lately with an open day raising lots of money. Then when she finally finished that, Poppy got first go on the computer as she is the oldest.But it is finally my turn.
I have been up to so much in the last month. I have finished school for a few weeks over the summer, but before we finished I did some rally obedience. It is where you do lots of different obedience things in a course. Mum was so proud of me, we had never done this before and I got 9 out of 15 things right. I was as good as some of the dogs that had done this lots before. We have a fun day coming up soon where the agility people get to compete against the obedience people. I am so looking forwards to it, it is my chance to prove that I am so much better than Poppy, as mum is taking us both.
Waiting for Pop to come out of the sea
I have been on a few nice outings with mum, dad and Poppy. We went back to the beach and I found out that I am still scared of the water. Poppy goes in it, but I have found I can have as much fun standing on the edge and barking at Poppy when she gets out. I did have a couple of cheeky ear tugs as she came out but then mum spotted me and told me off.
Our fluffy house guest Jiggy
Poppy has probably told you already but we have a house guest called Jiggy. He is a fluffy old shi tzu who needs a new home. I was feeling very sorry for him as he doesn't have anywhere to call his own, but today he has annoyed me. I think he thinks he is staying with us permanently, which mum has said can't hapen, and he has got rather confident. He told me off today for going near his bed, and he barked at Poppy for walking past him. Mum has told him off and put his bed in the corner of the room. She says being old and needy is no excuse for being grumpy. I love mum for sticking up for me, I pretend to be brave but I'm a scaredy Fly really.
Mum is making me sad though as she says I need a bath. I hate baths and I will not be pleased if she forces me to have one. I spend so much time selecting the right horse or cow poo to roll in, and then making sure I have the perfect amount of coverage. But mum says I am disgusting and smelly and the shampoo alone is not good enough, I need to get in to the bath.
I feel now might be a good time to run off and hide.She will never find me under the kitchen table!
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I won a rosette and had a birthday

Muddy after a birthday day at the beach
I entered a class in a dog show this week and I did really really well. I came second in best rescue dog. Mum says that's a really big achievement. There were about 15 dogs in the class and all of them had sad stories just like me. But because I have learnt such a lot in a short space of time and because I managed to behave well in the ring, the judge gave me a very pretty rosette and a goody bag of tasty snacks. Mum did pin the rosette to my collar but it flapped a little bit and worried me so I tried to eat it. Mum took it off me then because she said my first rosette is something that needs to be looked after and not eaten! Poppy also came second in her class, where she had to have a waggy tail. Mum said she was very proud of us both, but I'm sure she must be proudest of me because of how worrysome things are for me normally.

Waiting for a birthday sausage

I have also been back to school for a couple of weeks now and I'm doing really well. Last night we did road walking and none of my normal things made me scared. I walked nicely past cars, tractors, bikes, scooters, horses and even children without getting scared. Who would have thought a funny little dog from a farm like me could do so well at things. Apparently in the autumn I might be ready to do my bronze award. I don't really know what a bronze award is but mum sounded pleased when she told me so I'm happy.

Mum said it is my birthday this month. I am one year old. The farmer didn't remember what day I was born so mum and dad said I could have a birthday whenever I wanted in July. We have had lots of amazing walks and some really nice days out over the last few days so I think that was probably to celebrate my birthday. Especially since I ate sausage twice, I'm sure dogs only get sausage when they have a birthday. So I'm a grown up Fly now, I'm not a puppy any more.
Grown up Fly's still need their sleep though so I think I may have to go to bed now, I've got to go back to work tomorrow and I need to look my best for that.
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx
p.s sorry about the lack of rosette photo's but even when mum put it back on me the ribbon worried me again so I chewed it again. Whoops!

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Out in the Big Wide World

Mum has been taking me out in to the big wide world and making me meet new people over the last couple of weeks. I have started going out to local shows so that I can represent Heavens Gate as a lovely ex rescue dog. Mum stands at the homing boards and talks to people about the charity, while I sit there and look cute and show what lovely dogs people can find in rescue centres. I have found it a little difficult sometimes, because all kinds of people  want to stroke me, and we all know I'm a little worrysome dog. My first show wasn't too bad because Poppy came along to help me, but because it was too hot this week she was left at home so I had no doggy friends that I knew, which made me a little more worrysome than usual. But mum says I did ever so well, I was fine with children stroking me, I did very little growling and only a few dogs scared me. I hope Poppy comes with me next time though.
Mum says I might be going back to school again tomorrow. I only went once and then I came in to season which is a nasty scary time for pups like me. But it's nearly over now so I'm hoping that I can go back to school this week because I really enjoyed it. What's not to like, I got lots of sausage and because I did well I got lots of fuss and praise. Fuss makes a Fly happy.
I'm a little bit sleepy from todays show so I'm off to snuggle my reindeer teddy and maybe have a little snooze. Being a Fly dog is hard work.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 13 June 2011

I started school today

I started school today with mum and dad and I really enjoyed myself. I started at Paw Play which apparently I am going to go to until I'm a little bit more confident and then I'll be able to go to agility. I met some tiny little puppies and some older dogs and I did quite well. I didn't pee myself at all which was a big improvement on the time I tried going to agility.
I played a lot with a rope toy and then I learnt how to sit on a mat and be calm. That's something I did well with, better than Poppy did when she learnt about mats. Poppy accidentally pee'd on her mat when she tried!
Then I sniffed other puppies, I learnt how to not be scared of things by walking away and I learnt about getting used to new people. The only thing I really couldn't deal with was going through a tunnel. That'ok though according to mum. She's sure that one day I will run through the tunnel.
I've had some other good walks this week as well. All in all I've had such a good week except for the thunder that I'm sure Pop will have told you about.
I'm very very tired now
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Big sister's confuse me

I also climbed a big hill
Poppy is confusing me this week. Mum thought we needed more things to chew and things to play with so that we don't get bored. So she got a rawhide chew for each of us and then she opened the toy cupboard. There were two rope toys, a nylabone, a squeaky duck, and then Poppy had her loofah puppy's back and I have my reindeer toy from when I was little. So like any good little sister I waited to see which toys Poppy wanted. She chose her rawhide, stashed her loofah's away from me and also took a rope toy. She also woofed something about the duck.
I'm a smiley, happy but slightly confused Fly. Nothing new there.
So there's me thinking that the other rawhide, the nylabone, a rope toy and my own reindeer are all mine. So I settled down to have a damn good chew and what happened. Poppy woofed at me. So I wondered if she wanted to swap, I let her have mine and she stopped barking. So I wandered over and took the other one and she barked again. It turns out Poppy wants all the toys to herself. Big sisters are so selfish.
She is funny to scamp around and play with so I suppose I'll let her off. So I decided if I'm not allowed toys I'll eat mum's slipper instead. No-one complains except mum,and even she is ok with it if it keeps me quiet and stops me and Poppy arguing.So everyone's a winner really.
Big Cuddles
Fly dog xxx

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fly's can be happy too

I just wanted to let everyone know that despite the fact that I find an awful lot of stuff worrysome, I can be a very happy Fly as well. The thing that makes me happiest in the world is bouncing through long grass like a tigger, especially if mum is there to watch me. I was happy today. I did a lot of bouncing.

Fly's like to roll in grass

Fly's like to hide in grass

Fly's also like to run

Most of all Fly's just like to be in a happy place, and fields are happy places

A happy, hiding Fly

Fields are even better when I bounce through them with my sister. I can hide in the long grass where she doesn't see me, and then I jump on her when she runs past. She never learns. I thought older sisters were supposed to be cleverer than young pups like me, but I don't think Poppy is.

There is one more thing I enjoy as much as scamping in fields and that's chewing things. I have mum's slipper and she hasn't noticed yet, so I had better go off and chew it before she notices.

Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Things that worry a Fly

Me feeling generally worried
Mum says that even after a whole four months living with me she still struggles to understand me. She asked me to write about all the things that scare and worry me so that she can understand me. I'm not sure I want her to understand me, it's more interesting if she doesn't, but as she's my mum I thought I'd do what she asks. So here's a list of worrysome things.
  1. Cars - scary, but if I chase them they go away. That makes mum cross.
  2. Trains - the same as cars but faster. If I chase them mum gets very cross.
  3. Bikes - I want to herd them because I'm a farm dog. That confuses me, and yes you've guessed it, mum gets cross.
  4. Pushchairs - very scary. Little people are inside them.
  5. Joggers - fast moving people. I don't like them because I prefer people to go slower than me.
  6. Bridges that you can see through - worrysome.What if I fall through?
  7. Agility dog walks - very similar to bridges.
  8. Large animals - very scary. I bark at them through fences, but run away if I'm in the same field. Probably something to do with when I lived on a farm.
  9. Black labradors - very worrysome creatures. Yellow ones are fine though
  10. Dog shows - possibly not the dog show, but the amount of dogs in one place. Especially scary if some are black labradors.
  11. Having my lead put on - I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but sometimes I still wee myself when mum puts my lead on. I am getting better though.
  12. Being left alone - I get very scared and think that people are never coming back
  13. Poppy running off - I don't like it when she runs off and leaves me. I feel left out and I worry that she won't come back. Mum says this is understandable though after some of Poppy's disappearing issues.
    Me being worried by the sea
  15. Water - absolutely terrifying. It sometimes moves and sometimes doesn't. It's cold. And sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't when I go to the beach. I don't like anything so unpredictable.
  16. People touching my food - understandable really.
I would like to point out that there are lots of things that I like, and that for a poor sad ex farm dog it is quite good to only have 15 worrysome things. I do have things that make me happy too. I will write about them soon.
I can be a happy Fly
I would love to know what other dogs find worrysome.

Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fantastic adventures

Big Fly doggy smile
I have had such an amazing couple of Fly days that I am almost too tired to write about it. Firstly I went to the beach with mum, dad and Pop and we did some amazing bird chasing and rolling in mud. I really love mud, and rolling in things, so that was great fun. We even had a sausage at the cafe afterwards. I bet other dogs aren't as lucky as us.
Then this morning while mum took Poppy to school, I stayed at home and ran around the garden. I even made friends with the postman. Some dogs say postmen are bad, but I think ours is lovely, he tickled me under the chin.
Then when Pop came home we were allowed in the garden together. We never get time in the garden together off lead so we really made the most of it. We climbed up the bank behind the house, ran through the bushes, and found a big field. We had such a good explore, there were bushes to run through, a big open space to race across and lots of dirt to get covered in. We were there for a long time when mum and dad realised that we had gone exploring and came to find us. I don't think they were happy about us running off, but we had so much fun that we didn't really notice.

I love wrestling in the mud with my sister

To finish two very good days we had tripe for tea. Yummy!
We are both very sleepy now and are snugging on the sofa together. Poppy is upset though as mum keeps pulling thorns and burrs out of her. I am glad I have short hair so nothing sticks to me. Mum tells me that she is off work for a week, I am so happy that I am wagging my tail so hard my whole bum is wiggling. I hope the rest of the week is as good as the last two days.
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dog Shows are Scary!

Mummy has been worrying lately that now we live out in the countryside we don't meet enough other doggies. And she keeps telling me that if I am to be a nice well rounded individual that I need to meet other dogs, I can't just spend my time with her, dad and pop dog. So she took me to a fun dog show.
Having a cuddle with mum.
She loves me even if I am mad!
Big mistake! It was so scary. We didn't enter any classes but I saw so many dogs, and people and random other things that my poor little Fly brain couldn't cope. Mum is very sensible when she has me so she took me off to a very quiet corner so she could feed me sausage and we could sit quietly and watch. Every time someone came over she told them that I was a little bit scared and so I might not be friendly. But people don't listen! They still came over and tried to cuddle me and let their dogs sniff me. It really scared me so I growled, mum kept trying to move away and asking them to stop but no-one really listened. Honestly, is it any wonder I tried to bite a terrier?
Mum knew it wasn't because I'm a bad dog so she took me as far away as she could and calmed me down, and as soon as I was happy I was put in the car. She knows that I need to end things when I'm happy, just in case we end up adding more things to the Fly list of 'Things I Find Scary.' Mum says I have issues but she loves her mad Sprollie so she doesn't mind. I don't think I have issues though, no more than Poppy.
Anyway having said that I'm going off to eat some more of mum's slippers now. Maybe I do have issues but I'm happy as I am.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 2 May 2011

Such a happy Sprollie

Well, finally we have the internet, and finally mum has let me go on the computer so I can type things. My house is so amazing and it has been a brilliant few weeks. I'd like to share a few of the brilliant things that have happened.

I love scamping around

We have a garden! It is big, there are lots of hiding places and there is a bank I can run up and down, and I can even run in the farmers field behind. I never get bored, it is so much fun.

There is a great field opposite with really long grass that I can play in. The grass is higher than my head and I bounce through it. Mum says I'm like a bouncy tigger. She loves watching me bounce.
We live on the Somerset levels and I get to go on one or two long walks through fields and in drains every day. I get very tired sometimes, mum says that's good, I'm easier to deal with when I'm tired.

I'm snuggling with my poorly sister

I went to the beach place again last week and got my little paws wet in the big water (mum calls it sea, I don't know what it is, I didn't see it last time I went to the beach). I think this might have happened even if we hadn't moved, but it was still great.

So many other great things have happened that my little Sprollie brain can't write about them all. Two bad things happened though. Firstly Poppy hurt herself badly and now I can't play with her for a while. She has written about it all on her blog so I won't write about it. The other bad thing was that me and Poppy accidentally got into the isolation area at work and swam in the pond. Now we aren't allowed off lead in the big field in case we escape again. We can only go off lead in the little tiny paddock. I'm not sure it was worth escaping.
I'm off to check on my sister now, she seems to be wimpering a little bit.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 21 March 2011

I've moved

We're in our new house now and it is so lovely. We have a big garden to play in and we go for runs on the Somerset levels. All my toys are out of their boxes which makes me happy.
Unfortunately I shan't be able to write for a little while as mum says that the thing we need for the internet (I think she called it broadband) isn't being put in til 4th April. I promise I will post lots of lovely pictures of me as soon as we have internet again.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Getting closer to moving date

Everytime I look at the house more and more boxes seem to be appearing and there seems to be less and less furniture. Poppy says this means it is very nearly moving day. I am quite pleased about this as I believe some of my toys may have been put in a box and I would really like them back. But apparently once they go in to a box they don't come out until they go to the new house so I will be pleased when it's over and done with. I think I heard mum and dad say something about Friday and I think Friday isn't far away so that makes me happy.
I have had a fairly happy week because Poppy has been coming to work with me everyday. I don't like to admit it but I actually really miss her when she isn't around. We have to stay in an outdoor kennel because we are a little loud in the office and I do guard it sometimes still. But mum leaves us kongs stuffed with yummy food, and rawhide bones, and she takes us for runs in the field at break and lunch times so we are both very happy dogs.
Mum says I must go now as my tea is nearly ready. Yummy, I hope it's chicken.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Sunday, 6 March 2011

The beach is amazing

 I have had such an amazing time this weekend. Mum took me and Pop on a drive and when we got out at the other end we were somewhere I'd never seen before, Pop called it the beach. Mum took our leads off and just let us run and play. We were the happiest two dogs ever. I can't believe that I've lived with mum and dad for this long and never seen the beach, I feel I've missed out. I hope I go there lots.
Today mum took me and Pop to the hills for another big run. We were still tired from yesterday and were planning on spending the day napping, but as soon as we had our leads taken off we woke up and played. We ran through bushes, splashed in puddles and I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even roll in horse poo. Me and Poppy really do have the best mum and dad in the world.
Mum did sit me down and explain that it isn't all fun, that I do have a few problems we need to work on. I've been a little bit naughty when people have come in to mums office at work and have growled at them to go away. I may have accidentally lunged at someone as well. So mum says that I need to be crate trained properly and will have to be crated at work. I feel sad. I am going to try hard not to be bad, but my dog instincts tell me I should protect my mum. Mum says she will do her bit and exercise me even more than she already does and will get me a DAP pheromone thing which will calm me, but that it is up to me to change. I really will though because I love my mum so much and really want to behave well for her.
I have been so sleepy today from my weekend of fun that I have fallen asleep in some silly places. I fell asleep lying on cushions, then I fell asleep with my head jammed between a cushion and sofa, and finally I cuddled up next to Poppy at the top of the stairs. It's a hard life being a Fly dog!
Big cuddles
Fly xxx