Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I love Fly school

I'm so enjoying my time at doggy school these days. We go to an indoor riding school now that it gets dark at night. It is such a great place to go. It smells of all different horsey and doggy smells. Mum says my spaniel brain has kicked in, as I spend the whole lesson wagging my tail and sniffing things while I ignore her. She doesn't really mind though as the main aim is for me to be able to be nice when I see other dogs, and as I'm so busy sniffing I keep forgetting to growl at the other dogs. I even have a little friend there, she's called Treacle and because she is a spaniel she reminds me of Poppy. She helps me find the best smells and then we bounce around together.
A calm chilled out Fly
Mum learnt something else interesting while she was at school with me. Apparently in my diet I should only have 20-25% protein. And it turns out that silly mummy has been feeding loads more protein than she realised so I've been getting about 45% protein! And protein makes me full of energy and a little bit hyperactive and snappy, so mum says no wonder I'm a pain sometimes. Unfortunately it means that me and Poppy don't get any tinned food now, we just have fish and rice flavoured biscuits. But I suppose it will be worth it if we feel calmer and happier.
Mum brought us both a present last week.We have matching purple coats now for when it gets cold. I promise I will post pictures soon, but I refused to keep it on for more than a couple of minutes as no self respecting sprollie should have to put a coat on when its 30 degrees outside.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx


  1. Can't wait to see your new coat!

  2. Hi Fly,
    I work for a pet food brand and we have between 20-25% protein and would love to send you and Poppy some to review if you would be interested?
    My emails sasha@saltlondon.com or phone 0208 870 6777.
    Thanks, Sasha

  3. just found your blog! you're so cute!