Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My exciting month

SHaking my Fly ears
At the beach with Dad
I am so sorry to all my Fly blog readers for not writing anything for a whole month. You see the problem is that my mum has been too busy to help me write. She says that she has to do something she calls work, and that she works to buy me dog food. So I suppose I will forgive her. October has been a lovely month so I shall tell you all about my best moments.
The beach
I have been to the beach three times! I love the beach. I wonder if the beach might possibly be my favouritist place ever. Also last time we went my Poppy sister wasn't given her ball, so she actually played around and chased me. Everything is so much nicer when Poppy plays with me instead of ignoring me.
My Mump
Digging on my mump
I got to play on my mump last weekend. Burrow Mump is a truly great mump. And I found a great smell in the ground which mum let me dig at to try and find the source of the smell. Digging is fun! Mum says I like digging so much that she wonders if I'm a terrier. I'm probably not though. I also like standing at the top of my mump and barking at anyone who comes up it, I pretend I own it.
Fly School
I'm doing well at Fly school. I'm going to be doing my kennel club good citizen bronze award before Christmas. Mum didn't think I would be ready but actually I'm doing well. I've learnt to do a wait, although I really don't know whether I can manage it for a whole minute. My recall is very nice, but it always has been. The bits I'm struggling with are walking nicely around other dogs. Some of the other dogs scare me a little so I can't help but bark and lunge at them. Mum is hoping that we are going to be paired with the little cocker spaniel puppy that doesn't scare me.
My kitten friend
My new friend
I have a kitten friend. She is three weeks old and mum is hand rearing her because she is the only surviving kitten in the litter, and her mum is ill as well. She is a very sweet little kitten and me and Poppy help mum out by washing her and playing with her. I really hope she gets big and strong and does ok because I really like her.

So as you can see October was a lovely Fly month. I really hope November is as nice.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

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