Sunday, 20 November 2011

Bouncing Fly
 Mum is such a meanie, she hardly ever lets me on the computer. She tells me she is too busy to help me, and then whenever she does get time she helps Poppy first, because Poppy is the oldest doggy. But anyway I'm back now.
I went on a great walk today with mum and Poppy. I had amazing fun which you can see from all my Fly pictures. Mum took us to a new walk on the Quantocks. She was worried when we first got there because the car park was full and she thought that we would see lots of people and dogs. Lately we have been going on lots of walks where I keep seeing other dogs and I've found it very stressful. But I was such a happy bouncy Fly when we went out on to the hills and didn't see any other dogs. Mummy threw Poppy's ball for her so that Poppy could come off lead. That was good for me because it meant I could have a good herd and chase of Pop.
 And because Pop was enjoying herself so much she didn't tell me off for tugging at her ears, so it was a great result for both of us. When I wasn't herding Pop I ran through the bracken, bounced over long grass and rolled in some fantastic smells. Mum says I don't smell very pleasant right now, but I have to disagree, I think I smell amazing.
I did do a tiny bit bad on the way home, although I'm not sure it was all my fault. There were some cows being herded down the road, and we all know I get worrysome around cows. They got close to the car, and I
panicked a little bit. I pressed my face up to the window and growled and barked. Unfortunately the cows got scared and they broke through a small gap in the hedge in to a field they weren't supposed to go in, and ran very quickly to the other side of a very big field, with the farmer chasing after them and shouting. Whoops! Mum drove off very quickly at that point. She says why do bad things always happen when there's a Fly dog around? I feel that's very unfair, it isn't always my fault.

Rolling Fly

I'm still practising very hard for my Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizens Award. I'm going to be assessed before Christmas (I'm not sure what Christmas is, mum says she'll explain it soon). I really am trying but I'm finding it quite difficult. I do a beautiful sit and wait and can stay there for as long as mum wants me to. But I find it stressful being asked to wait so I always bite mum afterwards. Mum is really hoping that I won't be marked down for that, it's not like I bite her hard.

Taking a short break

My recall is very good, so I should do OK with that. But I'm still a bit worried about walking nicely on a lead especially with dogs around. And most worryingly I have to show that I'm not worried about being groomed. How on earth will I manage that. I'm worried about everything so of course I'll be worried about the grooming. And I don't think I'll pass if I look nervous. I'm hoping that if I can prove that I'm only as nervous being groomed as I am when I'm not being groomed, then I should be fine. So long as I don't wee myself I should be ok! And if I pass it proves I'm more obedient than Poppy. Clever me!

Running with my Pop sister
Poppy is feeling a little fragile. She's turning four next week and she's feeling old. She says she gets tired much more easily now, and it doesn't help that I keep chasing her and that she has a tiny kitten that keeps hanging off her ears and chasing her around. She keeps sighing and saying that it's really hard to keep up with us youngsters. Poppy is just being silly though, she's still bouncy and young. I hope we have a lovely day to celebrate her birthday.
Big cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

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