Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fly Dog New Years Resolutions

I survived my very first family Christmas without being too scared and I think I behaved very well (mum has agreed not to mention the baubles I have pulled off the tree). This time last year I was a scaredy little pup that lived outside on a farm. Mum says that now Christmas is over I have to make New Years Resolutions. She says I must make a list of things that I intend to do to improve myself. I thought that was a little rude of her as I think I am lovely, but then I stopped to think a while and I came up with some.
1) I will not strangle mum by using her scarf as a tug toy
2) I will not chew the kitten (unless she bites me first)
3) I will not growl at people and animals that go near my food (unless it's a rawhide and they get very close)
4) I will try to be nicer to black Labrador's
5) I will not bark on every single car journey (only if I think it's a really good place we're going to)
6) If I roll in poo I will try not to rub it on people that I don't know very well
7) I will not eat all the post that is delivered (I will limit it to junk mail and bank statements)
8) I will not tug Poppy's ears quite so hard and will stop when she asks me to
9) I will not chase and herd cyclists, horse riders, joggers and cars. I know that it upsets mum and will hurt if I catch any of these things (If the cyclist talks to me though I do reserve the right to chase a little)
10) I will behave impeccably at my next Good Citizens Bronze Award test and will not eat horse poo and wash my bum when asked to wait for a minute

Mummy says she will be very proud of me if I can manage a few of these things most of the time! Apparently she doesn't have very high expectations of me. I think I'm such a good Fly and I'm sure I will do well at my resolutions.
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's nearly test time

Worrysome little me
My Bronze Good Citizens award test is next Monday. I am feeling so worrysome about it. Mummy has told me that it doesn't matter if I fail and that she is proud of me anyway because I've improved so much. But I really hope I do pass, it will make mummy very happy. I do a lovely recall, and I'm getting a bit better at loose lead walking (especially if mum makes her hands smell like cheese!). I'm happier about being groomed and inspected now, and I think I may even cope with walking near other dogs. But the gate still scares me! I don't know why I am scared of gates, I think I might always be scared of them, so I think I may not sit still when mum asks me to while she opens a gate. And I am struggling with my wait. I get a bit worried after 50 seconds so I get up, when I am supposed to sit there for a minute. I hope that if we practice a lot I may be able to do well.
The whole family at the beach
I have a new friend as well, her name is Tuppence. She is an old girl with floppy black ears that look like mine. She sleeps a lot and wee's a lot! She is probably very old, and the poor girl was a stray in Wales. It sounds awful, I never want to be a stray. She came to the kennels where mum works, and where I was living when mum found me. Mum took her home because she has a very bad heart condition and may not live very long. I hope she lives a lot longer, I think she is very sweet. I even share a bed with her at night sometimes, I don't even do that with my Poppy sister.
Flying Sprollie
I was very scared this week. A tree is in our house. I know I'm only a young girl, but I'm old enough to know tree's don't live in houses! So I stayed away from our living room for a whole day. But mum tells me that having a tree in the house means santa paws will come and give me presents. I'm excited now. My very first Christmas with mum and dad!
Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx