Tuesday, 13 December 2011

It's nearly test time

Worrysome little me
My Bronze Good Citizens award test is next Monday. I am feeling so worrysome about it. Mummy has told me that it doesn't matter if I fail and that she is proud of me anyway because I've improved so much. But I really hope I do pass, it will make mummy very happy. I do a lovely recall, and I'm getting a bit better at loose lead walking (especially if mum makes her hands smell like cheese!). I'm happier about being groomed and inspected now, and I think I may even cope with walking near other dogs. But the gate still scares me! I don't know why I am scared of gates, I think I might always be scared of them, so I think I may not sit still when mum asks me to while she opens a gate. And I am struggling with my wait. I get a bit worried after 50 seconds so I get up, when I am supposed to sit there for a minute. I hope that if we practice a lot I may be able to do well.
The whole family at the beach
I have a new friend as well, her name is Tuppence. She is an old girl with floppy black ears that look like mine. She sleeps a lot and wee's a lot! She is probably very old, and the poor girl was a stray in Wales. It sounds awful, I never want to be a stray. She came to the kennels where mum works, and where I was living when mum found me. Mum took her home because she has a very bad heart condition and may not live very long. I hope she lives a lot longer, I think she is very sweet. I even share a bed with her at night sometimes, I don't even do that with my Poppy sister.
Flying Sprollie
I was very scared this week. A tree is in our house. I know I'm only a young girl, but I'm old enough to know tree's don't live in houses! So I stayed away from our living room for a whole day. But mum tells me that having a tree in the house means santa paws will come and give me presents. I'm excited now. My very first Christmas with mum and dad!
Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

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