Sunday, 30 December 2012

No more Fly blog

Mummy hasn't let me or Poppy write blogs for ages, that made us really sad. However she has given in and said we can use the computer again, but we can only have one blog between two of us. She said we do lots of things together so it seems silly to have two blogs and it takes her too long to help us both.
We agreed to share Poppy's blog, mostly because Poppy is older than me and she said she'd bite me if I didn't agree!
So now you can find our shared blog Confessions of a Spoilt Spaniel and Sprollie at
I hope you read it
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Clever Fly Dog

Mummy would firstly like to apologise yet again for never letting the Fly dog on her lap top. She knows she is bad and must try harder!
A happy Fly
Mummy is very proud of me at the moment. Because of my little problems with dogs I have had to go to different training classes. I had to do a reactive dogs class. I spent so much time in the first two weeks shaking and trying to hide, and then growling and lunging at dogs that I had to sit behind a screen for week three. But mum was very good about doing my homework with me, and taking me to lots of places to practice my reactions. And I'm very pleased to report that by week six I was able to fully join in with the class without trying to attack any other dogs. Mum knows I won't ever be able to meet every kind of dog without a few problems, but at least now I have enough self control to ignore them. Mostly because I know that sometimes when I ignore dogs I get a piece of cheese or a game of tug!
Tuppy and me snuggling
I am very good with my foster sister Tuppence though (who is still very much alive despite her age and problems). I always like a good snuggle, and Poppy takes up a lot of human snuggles at bed time. And she can be grumpy with me sometimes. So I have had to snuggle Tuppy instead, and it turns out she is lovely to cuddle next to. I do love her, I hope she lives for a little while longer yet.
We've had lots of amazing walks. My top 5 favourite walks are
Lydeard Hill - when there aren't too many walkers
Having a good sniff
The Beach - when dogs don't run up to me
Beer Wood - But it would be better if Poppy was allowed off lead
The Levels - Especially when it is muddy
Burrow Mump - an amazing place with great smells and some ruins to play in.
I'm pleased to say that I have been on all of these walks this month. Happy, happy Fly Dog. I also had a hoof filled with tripe. Life is very good!
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx

Monday, 30 January 2012

Fly Dog is back

Hi my Fly Dog friends
I'm sorry I disappeared for a while, I have been a busy Fly Dog. Lots of things have happened in the last month.
The Vet
I went to the vet. I hadn't been to a vet since I was in the rescue centre, but my mum says that all doggies have to have jabs each year. Poppy told me vets were scary so when I got there I slinked along on my belly and tucked my tail between my legs. But actually it wasn't at all scary, and the vet gave me sausage. Either I'm a very brave girl or Poppy is a wimp.
A Sketchy Fly Time
I was a sad and scared Fly for a little while because I had a season, and it made my hormones go all funny. I got scared of everything and because lots of boy doggies started sniffing me a lot I started barking and growling at all dogs worse than I normally do. Mum says I am being spayed in April. I don't really know what that is, but if it means my hormones don't send me funny any more then I'm ok with it.
New Fly Training Classes
Mum says that because I failed my Good Citizens Bronze award she doesn't think I will do well in my old training class. So she has decided I should be a less reactive Fly and now she is taking me to reactive dog classes. Unfortunately I proved to be the most reactive dog in the class and I lunged and growled a lot. But me and mum have been doing loads of homework and mum said to me this week that she thinks there might be hope for me yet. Yay for Fly!
My Tuppy friend is still alive
It's been a month of celebratory walks in January because I have been living with my mum and dad and my Poppy sister for a whole year now. That makes me really happy. When I first came to live with them I was scared of everything, and I kept thinking they would send me away again if I did bad. But now I know that my mum and dad love me very much and even though my mum calls me a strange little beast she says she wouldn't be without me.

Big cuddles
Fly sprollie dog xxx