Sunday, 27 February 2011

Scary week

This week has been rather a strange week because I didn't go to work with mum at all. She says that her and dad were on something they called a holiday. So I missed all my doggy friends. And Poppy really hasn't been very well (she has a stuffed puppy she calls Loofah - long story!) so I have been without pup friends. I really don't feel as confident when I don't have my pup friends around me.
I went to school again this week with mum and I found it all a bit scary really. I don't know why because the people and the dogs were all really lovely, but I found it very overwhelming and I didn't understand what mum was asking me to do. So me and mum went and sat on the bench and just watched the others, while she fed me and we did some hand touch. I'm glad she doesn't make me do anything I don't want to, I'm going to try extra hard when we practice to be good at the things I can do so mum will be proud of me.
I had a couple of bad moments earlier in the week. I have been a good pup and learnt a tiny bit of recall so I was allowed off lead in the park. But I saw some cyclists and had mad flashbacks to the past, and I herded them. I don't know why but I wanted them to behave like sheep. So I chased them, then I circled them before I barked and tried to push them through a gate. Mum and dad laughed the first time, but the second time they were less impressed. Now I will be on lead until I have learnt better recall as well as a leave it command.
I escaped earlier today which made mum cross. I needed the toilet so when Mum opened the front door to take Poppy out for a walk I ran out and started running to the park. Mum was very cross and shouted at me. She said it was lucky that a woman caught me a little way up the road otherwise I could have been hurt or got lost. I don't think so, I was only going to go to the toilet and come back.
Me looking a little bit worried about the house move
There are scary boxes everywhere in the house, and this really is worrying me. In between nursing her Loofah pup Poppy explained that lots of boxes mean that we are moving house. I am a little bit worried about this. I have only just come to live in this house. I'm not sure I want to leave just yet, I have found comfy spots to sleep in here. And will they actually take me with them? Pop assures me they will but I can't help worrying. I have found that boxes are tasty to eat and fun to play with though so that is one good point.
Mum says we're going back to work tomorrow and Poppy is coming with us as she is quiet now so she won't cause problems. I had better go and get my beauty sleep so I look my best before I see all my doggy friends again.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 21 February 2011

First day at school

Sorry I haven't been able to write much, my sister has been poorly because she had an operation, and mum has been looking after her. As I am only little I still need mums help to write and she just hasn't had the time to help me. I've been left to fend for myself. Mum says that makes it sound a little harsh, she is quick to point out that I have had a lot of good walks, and that fending for myself has mostly consisted of me hanging around at mums ankles, before running off to eat her shoes. That did not put me in her good books. I ate her trainers and she had to buy new ones.Whoops!
Poppy looks silly with her cone
I had my first day at school on Saturday. I really enjoyed it. I am in a group with three other doggies and they are all older than me, so anything that I manage to do makes me look really good. I was very good at focus work and hand touches, and I concentrated very well for the whole lesson. I ran over poles on the ground really well too.The other dogs were jumping but because I'm a pup and my bones aren't fully grown yet I can't jump in case I injure myself. I did struggle with a couple of things though, I was too scared to get on the dog walk, I didn't understand that I was supposed to stand on a stool for treats and I don't know how to play with mum yet. I can play with toys by myself, in fact I do a very good job of throwing the toy up in the air with my paws and catching it in my mouth. But when I play with mum as soon as she tugs the toy I let go because I think she is telling me off. She says we will have to work on this a lot. All in all I think I did a very good job. Mum said she was just very pleased that I didn't spend the whole lesson on my back with my legs in the air!
Mum has to go and look after Poppy now so I must finish writing. I am sure I will write more in the week as mum says I will be having lots of adventures. Apparently I will be learning recall. I have no idea what that is but I bet it will be good.
Big cuddles

Fly xxx

Saturday, 12 February 2011

I really love playing

I had such a great day at work with mum yesterday. I was beginning to think she had forgotten about me as she hadn't taken me for a couple of days, Poppy had gone instead. So I was very pleased when she told me it was my turn to go again yesterday. Mum told me that I needed to do a bit more work at meeting other dogs and playing nicely. There were so many doggies in the office, at first I was a little bit scared but mum refused to shut me in her office as she said I can't keep hiding in there forever. I was very nervous but I soon made friends.
Patrick and Storm - they are Poppy's friends. They still don't like me that much as they think I'm young and silly, but they have stopped barking and telling me off, and I have stopped trying to play with them all the time.
Lexi - she is a big German Shephard and I think she is lovely. She doesn't steal my toys and she lets me snuggle her. She has helped me not to be scared of big dogs.
Tate - I am still a tiny bit scared of him as he is a very tall lurcher who likes to play a lot. He also tries to take my toys. He likes me a lot and always wants to play, but he can be a tiny bit rough. Mum supervises our play and takes our toys away so we can't fight. I made real progress with him yesterday as when he came over to sniff me while I was in my bed I didn't growl at him. I think eventually he will be a very good friend.
Amy - I think she's great. Poppy had warned me that she was a real pain, but I think she's fantastic. She is a tiny black terrier and is very dominant and very playful. Because she is so small her play doesn't scare me, and because I let her take control she enjoys playing with me. She is my best dog friend except for Poppy.
Happy Fly Dog
Mum let me run round in the field with all my friends at lunch time and it was fantastic.All the big dogs played nicely with me, we chased each other and we all got very muddy. I slept for the rest of the day to recover. I hope every work day is that good.
Mum says she has a treat for me next week. Next Saturday is going to be my first day at agility. Mum says she wants to start me early as she would like me to join the Heavens Gate display team when I'm old enough. I'm very nervous but excited. Poppy says it is fun though so I think I will probably enjoy it.
I had a very good walk today, and I ate one of mum's shoes when I got home, so I've had a tiring day. Time for a little snooze I think.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 7 February 2011

I'm famous

Ok so maybe I'm not famous but my cutest pictures are on my favourite Sprollie blog - Sprollies Are For Sharing
Have a look at the pretty pictures of me, as well as lots of other cute sprollies. They are all lovely although I feel I may be the cutest. Mum says she's not so sure, she likes the Sprollie with the twig. I feel betrayed!
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Sprollies are for Sharing: Adventures With Fly

Sprollies are for Sharing: Adventures With Fly

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Meeting new pups

Mum has decided the quickest way for me to get more confident and be happier is to meet lots of new dogs. She was worried about me when I started growling at some of the new dogs I met, and she said that unless I play nicely with dogs I would always stay on lead. So she started letting me play with other dogs.
I played with Patrick and Storm first of all. They are also Poppy's friends. Patrick sometimes tells me off in the office and Storm ignores me, so I wasn't sure whether they would let me be their friends. But mum took me out in the field with them, and when I showed that I could be nice while I had my lead on, she let me run with my lead off. We had some great chasing games.
On the same day I met two German Shephards. Charlie is big and cream. He is lovely and friendly but also very big. I lay down on my back which made mum laugh. She called me a wimp, but said she'd rather I was submissive like that, than growling like I used to. My best friend of the day was a little German Shephard pup called Dixie. She was big and fluffy, and was the same size as me even though she was only about 12 weeks old. We had great fun scampering around, and wrestling each other. I realised that if I stopped quickly while Dixie was running towards me that she would fall over me. Very funny!
I have disgraced myself once this week. Mum has been taking me up to the corner field at work to play. It's away from the yard and the car park which makes me feel happier. We have been leaning about fetch and playing and coming back when I'm called. I did bad though and made my way under a fence. Mum just shook her head and sighed. She says I'm just like Poppy. She had to climb the fence, and now for some reason has banned me from that field. I promised I won't do it again, but she doesn't believe me.
I met the guinea pigs today and mum is very proud of me because I ignored them. I like making mum proud.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My first season

Sorry I haven't been writing much but I've been having such a lot of new experiences that I really haven't had time to get near the computer. Unfortunately one of my new experiences has not been a pleasant one. I am having my first season. Now as I'm a lady I shan't go in to details, but I'm sure all you girly doggies out there would agree with me that it isn't nice. Mum laughed when she saw I was calling myself a lady doggy. She doesn't feel that lying on my back with my legs in the air is lady like, especially not when I did it in front of my new doggy friends, but I think I shall agree to disagree with her on this one. Mum has been nice and cuddly with me and she's letting me choose how many walks I have each day, so I suppose things aren't as bad as they could be.
Mum had a little chat with me at the weekend about some of my behaviours. I have found it really scary being in a new home. I feel safe on the sofa so I have been refusing to get off and I got upset with Poppy when she tried to cuddle mum. I didn't mean to growl at her but I love mum so much that I got jealous. I have had a few other problems as well. I am sick when I get in the car because I get scared that mum is taking me away from my new home. I also get very scared when I go for walks because I don't like seeing cars and hearing loud noises. And my most embarrassing problem is that I'm not really sure where to go to the toilet so sometimes I get it wrong.
Sorry I look a bit grumpy,
I had just woken up
Mum told me that her and dad love me very much and that I will live with them for the rest of my life and they love me as much as Poppy. But she said she would need me to try and work on a few of my little fears and problems as it will make life a lot easier and she thinks I would be happier that way. I gave her a really big Fly snuggle and promised her I would do my best. She thinks I might want to write about the training I do and the new things I learn. As I love my mum very much I've said I would. She says she has high hopes for my abilities in the future and she says it would be nice for me to write about how I'm getting on. I will still write about the fun stuff too though, as a Fly dog still needs to enjoy herself.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx