Saturday, 12 February 2011

I really love playing

I had such a great day at work with mum yesterday. I was beginning to think she had forgotten about me as she hadn't taken me for a couple of days, Poppy had gone instead. So I was very pleased when she told me it was my turn to go again yesterday. Mum told me that I needed to do a bit more work at meeting other dogs and playing nicely. There were so many doggies in the office, at first I was a little bit scared but mum refused to shut me in her office as she said I can't keep hiding in there forever. I was very nervous but I soon made friends.
Patrick and Storm - they are Poppy's friends. They still don't like me that much as they think I'm young and silly, but they have stopped barking and telling me off, and I have stopped trying to play with them all the time.
Lexi - she is a big German Shephard and I think she is lovely. She doesn't steal my toys and she lets me snuggle her. She has helped me not to be scared of big dogs.
Tate - I am still a tiny bit scared of him as he is a very tall lurcher who likes to play a lot. He also tries to take my toys. He likes me a lot and always wants to play, but he can be a tiny bit rough. Mum supervises our play and takes our toys away so we can't fight. I made real progress with him yesterday as when he came over to sniff me while I was in my bed I didn't growl at him. I think eventually he will be a very good friend.
Amy - I think she's great. Poppy had warned me that she was a real pain, but I think she's fantastic. She is a tiny black terrier and is very dominant and very playful. Because she is so small her play doesn't scare me, and because I let her take control she enjoys playing with me. She is my best dog friend except for Poppy.
Happy Fly Dog
Mum let me run round in the field with all my friends at lunch time and it was fantastic.All the big dogs played nicely with me, we chased each other and we all got very muddy. I slept for the rest of the day to recover. I hope every work day is that good.
Mum says she has a treat for me next week. Next Saturday is going to be my first day at agility. Mum says she wants to start me early as she would like me to join the Heavens Gate display team when I'm old enough. I'm very nervous but excited. Poppy says it is fun though so I think I will probably enjoy it.
I had a very good walk today, and I ate one of mum's shoes when I got home, so I've had a tiring day. Time for a little snooze I think.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx


  1. Lucky you! I only get to meet other dogs when I go to a 'DOg Park' (it is not officially. Just a big space of grass for dogs to run about). But there are all these big dogs like Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. When they come sniff my butt, I become so scared i growl and bark at them to make them go away. Mum will look totally embarrassed and say sorry to the owner, then lead me away. She then scolds me real good. Unfair! I was just scared...geez! She dosen't need to get her tail all in a twist. Poor ole me.