Wednesday, 2 February 2011

My first season

Sorry I haven't been writing much but I've been having such a lot of new experiences that I really haven't had time to get near the computer. Unfortunately one of my new experiences has not been a pleasant one. I am having my first season. Now as I'm a lady I shan't go in to details, but I'm sure all you girly doggies out there would agree with me that it isn't nice. Mum laughed when she saw I was calling myself a lady doggy. She doesn't feel that lying on my back with my legs in the air is lady like, especially not when I did it in front of my new doggy friends, but I think I shall agree to disagree with her on this one. Mum has been nice and cuddly with me and she's letting me choose how many walks I have each day, so I suppose things aren't as bad as they could be.
Mum had a little chat with me at the weekend about some of my behaviours. I have found it really scary being in a new home. I feel safe on the sofa so I have been refusing to get off and I got upset with Poppy when she tried to cuddle mum. I didn't mean to growl at her but I love mum so much that I got jealous. I have had a few other problems as well. I am sick when I get in the car because I get scared that mum is taking me away from my new home. I also get very scared when I go for walks because I don't like seeing cars and hearing loud noises. And my most embarrassing problem is that I'm not really sure where to go to the toilet so sometimes I get it wrong.
Sorry I look a bit grumpy,
I had just woken up
Mum told me that her and dad love me very much and that I will live with them for the rest of my life and they love me as much as Poppy. But she said she would need me to try and work on a few of my little fears and problems as it will make life a lot easier and she thinks I would be happier that way. I gave her a really big Fly snuggle and promised her I would do my best. She thinks I might want to write about the training I do and the new things I learn. As I love my mum very much I've said I would. She says she has high hopes for my abilities in the future and she says it would be nice for me to write about how I'm getting on. I will still write about the fun stuff too though, as a Fly dog still needs to enjoy herself.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx


  1. Ahhh, bet you've had lots of different feelings then. D:

    Don't worry! You'll get used to being in the car, and all the sights and sounds in no time. (:


  2. Aww, don't worry Fly - you'll be right as rain in no time!

    PS: Would you like to be featured on Sprollies are for Sharing, a blog about Sprollies? If you would, please visit and email us some photos! Simples!