Saturday, 28 May 2011

Fly's can be happy too

I just wanted to let everyone know that despite the fact that I find an awful lot of stuff worrysome, I can be a very happy Fly as well. The thing that makes me happiest in the world is bouncing through long grass like a tigger, especially if mum is there to watch me. I was happy today. I did a lot of bouncing.

Fly's like to roll in grass

Fly's like to hide in grass

Fly's also like to run

Most of all Fly's just like to be in a happy place, and fields are happy places

A happy, hiding Fly

Fields are even better when I bounce through them with my sister. I can hide in the long grass where she doesn't see me, and then I jump on her when she runs past. She never learns. I thought older sisters were supposed to be cleverer than young pups like me, but I don't think Poppy is.

There is one more thing I enjoy as much as scamping in fields and that's chewing things. I have mum's slipper and she hasn't noticed yet, so I had better go off and chew it before she notices.

Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Friday, 27 May 2011

Things that worry a Fly

Me feeling generally worried
Mum says that even after a whole four months living with me she still struggles to understand me. She asked me to write about all the things that scare and worry me so that she can understand me. I'm not sure I want her to understand me, it's more interesting if she doesn't, but as she's my mum I thought I'd do what she asks. So here's a list of worrysome things.
  1. Cars - scary, but if I chase them they go away. That makes mum cross.
  2. Trains - the same as cars but faster. If I chase them mum gets very cross.
  3. Bikes - I want to herd them because I'm a farm dog. That confuses me, and yes you've guessed it, mum gets cross.
  4. Pushchairs - very scary. Little people are inside them.
  5. Joggers - fast moving people. I don't like them because I prefer people to go slower than me.
  6. Bridges that you can see through - worrysome.What if I fall through?
  7. Agility dog walks - very similar to bridges.
  8. Large animals - very scary. I bark at them through fences, but run away if I'm in the same field. Probably something to do with when I lived on a farm.
  9. Black labradors - very worrysome creatures. Yellow ones are fine though
  10. Dog shows - possibly not the dog show, but the amount of dogs in one place. Especially scary if some are black labradors.
  11. Having my lead put on - I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but sometimes I still wee myself when mum puts my lead on. I am getting better though.
  12. Being left alone - I get very scared and think that people are never coming back
  13. Poppy running off - I don't like it when she runs off and leaves me. I feel left out and I worry that she won't come back. Mum says this is understandable though after some of Poppy's disappearing issues.
    Me being worried by the sea
  15. Water - absolutely terrifying. It sometimes moves and sometimes doesn't. It's cold. And sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't when I go to the beach. I don't like anything so unpredictable.
  16. People touching my food - understandable really.
I would like to point out that there are lots of things that I like, and that for a poor sad ex farm dog it is quite good to only have 15 worrysome things. I do have things that make me happy too. I will write about them soon.
I can be a happy Fly
I would love to know what other dogs find worrysome.

Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fantastic adventures

Big Fly doggy smile
I have had such an amazing couple of Fly days that I am almost too tired to write about it. Firstly I went to the beach with mum, dad and Pop and we did some amazing bird chasing and rolling in mud. I really love mud, and rolling in things, so that was great fun. We even had a sausage at the cafe afterwards. I bet other dogs aren't as lucky as us.
Then this morning while mum took Poppy to school, I stayed at home and ran around the garden. I even made friends with the postman. Some dogs say postmen are bad, but I think ours is lovely, he tickled me under the chin.
Then when Pop came home we were allowed in the garden together. We never get time in the garden together off lead so we really made the most of it. We climbed up the bank behind the house, ran through the bushes, and found a big field. We had such a good explore, there were bushes to run through, a big open space to race across and lots of dirt to get covered in. We were there for a long time when mum and dad realised that we had gone exploring and came to find us. I don't think they were happy about us running off, but we had so much fun that we didn't really notice.

I love wrestling in the mud with my sister

To finish two very good days we had tripe for tea. Yummy!
We are both very sleepy now and are snugging on the sofa together. Poppy is upset though as mum keeps pulling thorns and burrs out of her. I am glad I have short hair so nothing sticks to me. Mum tells me that she is off work for a week, I am so happy that I am wagging my tail so hard my whole bum is wiggling. I hope the rest of the week is as good as the last two days.
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Dog Shows are Scary!

Mummy has been worrying lately that now we live out in the countryside we don't meet enough other doggies. And she keeps telling me that if I am to be a nice well rounded individual that I need to meet other dogs, I can't just spend my time with her, dad and pop dog. So she took me to a fun dog show.
Having a cuddle with mum.
She loves me even if I am mad!
Big mistake! It was so scary. We didn't enter any classes but I saw so many dogs, and people and random other things that my poor little Fly brain couldn't cope. Mum is very sensible when she has me so she took me off to a very quiet corner so she could feed me sausage and we could sit quietly and watch. Every time someone came over she told them that I was a little bit scared and so I might not be friendly. But people don't listen! They still came over and tried to cuddle me and let their dogs sniff me. It really scared me so I growled, mum kept trying to move away and asking them to stop but no-one really listened. Honestly, is it any wonder I tried to bite a terrier?
Mum knew it wasn't because I'm a bad dog so she took me as far away as she could and calmed me down, and as soon as I was happy I was put in the car. She knows that I need to end things when I'm happy, just in case we end up adding more things to the Fly list of 'Things I Find Scary.' Mum says I have issues but she loves her mad Sprollie so she doesn't mind. I don't think I have issues though, no more than Poppy.
Anyway having said that I'm going off to eat some more of mum's slippers now. Maybe I do have issues but I'm happy as I am.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

Monday, 2 May 2011

Such a happy Sprollie

Well, finally we have the internet, and finally mum has let me go on the computer so I can type things. My house is so amazing and it has been a brilliant few weeks. I'd like to share a few of the brilliant things that have happened.

I love scamping around

We have a garden! It is big, there are lots of hiding places and there is a bank I can run up and down, and I can even run in the farmers field behind. I never get bored, it is so much fun.

There is a great field opposite with really long grass that I can play in. The grass is higher than my head and I bounce through it. Mum says I'm like a bouncy tigger. She loves watching me bounce.
We live on the Somerset levels and I get to go on one or two long walks through fields and in drains every day. I get very tired sometimes, mum says that's good, I'm easier to deal with when I'm tired.

I'm snuggling with my poorly sister

I went to the beach place again last week and got my little paws wet in the big water (mum calls it sea, I don't know what it is, I didn't see it last time I went to the beach). I think this might have happened even if we hadn't moved, but it was still great.

So many other great things have happened that my little Sprollie brain can't write about them all. Two bad things happened though. Firstly Poppy hurt herself badly and now I can't play with her for a while. She has written about it all on her blog so I won't write about it. The other bad thing was that me and Poppy accidentally got into the isolation area at work and swam in the pond. Now we aren't allowed off lead in the big field in case we escape again. We can only go off lead in the little tiny paddock. I'm not sure it was worth escaping.
I'm off to check on my sister now, she seems to be wimpering a little bit.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx