Saturday, 21 May 2011

Fantastic adventures

Big Fly doggy smile
I have had such an amazing couple of Fly days that I am almost too tired to write about it. Firstly I went to the beach with mum, dad and Pop and we did some amazing bird chasing and rolling in mud. I really love mud, and rolling in things, so that was great fun. We even had a sausage at the cafe afterwards. I bet other dogs aren't as lucky as us.
Then this morning while mum took Poppy to school, I stayed at home and ran around the garden. I even made friends with the postman. Some dogs say postmen are bad, but I think ours is lovely, he tickled me under the chin.
Then when Pop came home we were allowed in the garden together. We never get time in the garden together off lead so we really made the most of it. We climbed up the bank behind the house, ran through the bushes, and found a big field. We had such a good explore, there were bushes to run through, a big open space to race across and lots of dirt to get covered in. We were there for a long time when mum and dad realised that we had gone exploring and came to find us. I don't think they were happy about us running off, but we had so much fun that we didn't really notice.

I love wrestling in the mud with my sister

To finish two very good days we had tripe for tea. Yummy!
We are both very sleepy now and are snugging on the sofa together. Poppy is upset though as mum keeps pulling thorns and burrs out of her. I am glad I have short hair so nothing sticks to me. Mum tells me that she is off work for a week, I am so happy that I am wagging my tail so hard my whole bum is wiggling. I hope the rest of the week is as good as the last two days.
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx


  1. I LOVE playing in MUD! I wish my furry sister Nala liked it. She's too much of a girlie girl to get muddy.

    Happy Sunday woofs & hugs,


  2. OMG I bet it was hard to get all that mud off. I know that is fun and a great way to cool off

  3. Hi there, nice to meet you! Thanks for dropping by my blog & becoming my new follower. Looked like you & your sister, Poppy had a great time at the beach!