Friday, 27 May 2011

Things that worry a Fly

Me feeling generally worried
Mum says that even after a whole four months living with me she still struggles to understand me. She asked me to write about all the things that scare and worry me so that she can understand me. I'm not sure I want her to understand me, it's more interesting if she doesn't, but as she's my mum I thought I'd do what she asks. So here's a list of worrysome things.
  1. Cars - scary, but if I chase them they go away. That makes mum cross.
  2. Trains - the same as cars but faster. If I chase them mum gets very cross.
  3. Bikes - I want to herd them because I'm a farm dog. That confuses me, and yes you've guessed it, mum gets cross.
  4. Pushchairs - very scary. Little people are inside them.
  5. Joggers - fast moving people. I don't like them because I prefer people to go slower than me.
  6. Bridges that you can see through - worrysome.What if I fall through?
  7. Agility dog walks - very similar to bridges.
  8. Large animals - very scary. I bark at them through fences, but run away if I'm in the same field. Probably something to do with when I lived on a farm.
  9. Black labradors - very worrysome creatures. Yellow ones are fine though
  10. Dog shows - possibly not the dog show, but the amount of dogs in one place. Especially scary if some are black labradors.
  11. Having my lead put on - I'm a bit embarrassed to admit this but sometimes I still wee myself when mum puts my lead on. I am getting better though.
  12. Being left alone - I get very scared and think that people are never coming back
  13. Poppy running off - I don't like it when she runs off and leaves me. I feel left out and I worry that she won't come back. Mum says this is understandable though after some of Poppy's disappearing issues.
    Me being worried by the sea
  15. Water - absolutely terrifying. It sometimes moves and sometimes doesn't. It's cold. And sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't when I go to the beach. I don't like anything so unpredictable.
  16. People touching my food - understandable really.
I would like to point out that there are lots of things that I like, and that for a poor sad ex farm dog it is quite good to only have 15 worrysome things. I do have things that make me happy too. I will write about them soon.
I can be a happy Fly
I would love to know what other dogs find worrysome.

Big cuddles
Fly Sprollie xxx

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