Monday, 16 May 2011

Dog Shows are Scary!

Mummy has been worrying lately that now we live out in the countryside we don't meet enough other doggies. And she keeps telling me that if I am to be a nice well rounded individual that I need to meet other dogs, I can't just spend my time with her, dad and pop dog. So she took me to a fun dog show.
Having a cuddle with mum.
She loves me even if I am mad!
Big mistake! It was so scary. We didn't enter any classes but I saw so many dogs, and people and random other things that my poor little Fly brain couldn't cope. Mum is very sensible when she has me so she took me off to a very quiet corner so she could feed me sausage and we could sit quietly and watch. Every time someone came over she told them that I was a little bit scared and so I might not be friendly. But people don't listen! They still came over and tried to cuddle me and let their dogs sniff me. It really scared me so I growled, mum kept trying to move away and asking them to stop but no-one really listened. Honestly, is it any wonder I tried to bite a terrier?
Mum knew it wasn't because I'm a bad dog so she took me as far away as she could and calmed me down, and as soon as I was happy I was put in the car. She knows that I need to end things when I'm happy, just in case we end up adding more things to the Fly list of 'Things I Find Scary.' Mum says I have issues but she loves her mad Sprollie so she doesn't mind. I don't think I have issues though, no more than Poppy.
Anyway having said that I'm going off to eat some more of mum's slippers now. Maybe I do have issues but I'm happy as I am.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx


  1. No wonder people tried to cuddle you (even if your mum told you not to) - Sprollies like you are irresistable!

  2. Aw, sorry it was so scary!