Monday, 2 May 2011

Such a happy Sprollie

Well, finally we have the internet, and finally mum has let me go on the computer so I can type things. My house is so amazing and it has been a brilliant few weeks. I'd like to share a few of the brilliant things that have happened.

I love scamping around

We have a garden! It is big, there are lots of hiding places and there is a bank I can run up and down, and I can even run in the farmers field behind. I never get bored, it is so much fun.

There is a great field opposite with really long grass that I can play in. The grass is higher than my head and I bounce through it. Mum says I'm like a bouncy tigger. She loves watching me bounce.
We live on the Somerset levels and I get to go on one or two long walks through fields and in drains every day. I get very tired sometimes, mum says that's good, I'm easier to deal with when I'm tired.

I'm snuggling with my poorly sister

I went to the beach place again last week and got my little paws wet in the big water (mum calls it sea, I don't know what it is, I didn't see it last time I went to the beach). I think this might have happened even if we hadn't moved, but it was still great.

So many other great things have happened that my little Sprollie brain can't write about them all. Two bad things happened though. Firstly Poppy hurt herself badly and now I can't play with her for a while. She has written about it all on her blog so I won't write about it. The other bad thing was that me and Poppy accidentally got into the isolation area at work and swam in the pond. Now we aren't allowed off lead in the big field in case we escape again. We can only go off lead in the little tiny paddock. I'm not sure it was worth escaping.
I'm off to check on my sister now, she seems to be wimpering a little bit.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

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