Sunday, 18 September 2011

Mum says I'm naughty

In my cosy snuggy nest
Firstly I'd like to report the good news that I am a slightly happier sprollie than I was. In the end the pheromones made me a little bit odd so I have had the collar taken off and I'm off the drugs and now I feel slightly more happy. The nesting has all been down to a bizarre phantom pregnancy, it turns out they run in our doggy family, Poppy used to have them badly. Mum says that when she is paid I will be taking a trip to the vets for neutering. I don't know what neutering is, and haven't been to the vets since I had my vaccinations when mum adopted me. I hope it's nothing to worry about.
However despite the fact that I am a little happier, mum says she is very cross with me. I did bad today. You see I didn't get a walk until 4pm today as it has rained a lot and also because Poppy has hurt her foot and can't walk (honestly, that dog's always injured). And not getting a walk displeases me. I know that I don't like rain but it would be nice to be asked. So this morning when mum popped in to town I ate dad's walking boot and shredded the remains all over their bed. That was a protest against mum for not walking me sooner, and dad for going out to work.
Mum, I'm bored, walk me
Then when mum went to pick dad up from work i felt a sudden bowel movement needing to happen. In all honesty I could have held on, but how was I to know I was only going to be left for half an hour, they could have been staying out for ages for all I knew. So I considered that if I were to poo anywhere I should do it in the spare room mum uses as an office to make a protest. I think my protest was heard, she said bad words!
But it worked! I have just got back from an enjoyably muddy walk with mum. Who I'm sure will think twice before making me wait all day for a walk again!
Aren't Sprollies loveable!
Big cuddles

Fly xxx

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