Sunday, 4 September 2011

A tough Sprollie time

I had a bath. That worried me lots!
I'm sorry for not writing for a while, but unfortunately my confidence has taken a bit of a dent. I have been a really scaredy Fly and just haven't been happy. In fact I've been a bit scared of life in general. I'm so lucky that mum and dad have been really lovely and have helped me a lot.
Firstly I got scared of going in cars. I got all trembly when I went near a car, then I got all shouty and angry when I got in a car.
Then I got bad about going in to kennels at work, and I got quite aggressive with mum and with Poppy. So she took me in to the office but I started being aggressive with the office dogs.
Then all sorts of things became scary. Walks were scary, the back garden was scary and passing cars became things to lunge and growl at again. Things finally got very bad when I bit a Saluki on a walk. I'm not proud of this but I did it because I was so scared.
Stalking Jiggy during happier times
Mum has given me weird things she calls pheromones. I am wearing another collar which makes me feel calm and relaxed. Then mum plugged something in which smells funny but relaxes me. And she has been putting a powder on my food. She says all of these things are supposed to relax me and make me calmer while she does a lot more training. And I think it might be working.
I was kept away from the car for a week, and now mum is making sure I have had a nice walk and am tired before I get in the car, and it's working. I still get scared but nowhere near as bad as I did, and mum gives me sausage which makes me enjoy the car ride a lot more. Dad has been taking me and Poppy over the field with a ball and throws it for her. She chases the ball and I chase her so everyone's a winner, and we're so tired out that I forget about the fact that the world is so worrysome.

Rolling still makes me happy
I really don't know quite how I got so scared about life again. I think I got a little bit worried about things after Jiggy went home because whilst I hate to admit it I miss the little Shi tzu. But the pheromones are starting to work now so hopefully life will be much happier from now on.

Big cuddles
The worried Fly Dog xxx


  1. Don't worry! I send u a hug. {{{luv}}} :)

  2. Sorry to hear that, Fly Dog! Hope things get better soon!