Sunday, 5 June 2011

Big sister's confuse me

I also climbed a big hill
Poppy is confusing me this week. Mum thought we needed more things to chew and things to play with so that we don't get bored. So she got a rawhide chew for each of us and then she opened the toy cupboard. There were two rope toys, a nylabone, a squeaky duck, and then Poppy had her loofah puppy's back and I have my reindeer toy from when I was little. So like any good little sister I waited to see which toys Poppy wanted. She chose her rawhide, stashed her loofah's away from me and also took a rope toy. She also woofed something about the duck.
I'm a smiley, happy but slightly confused Fly. Nothing new there.
So there's me thinking that the other rawhide, the nylabone, a rope toy and my own reindeer are all mine. So I settled down to have a damn good chew and what happened. Poppy woofed at me. So I wondered if she wanted to swap, I let her have mine and she stopped barking. So I wandered over and took the other one and she barked again. It turns out Poppy wants all the toys to herself. Big sisters are so selfish.
She is funny to scamp around and play with so I suppose I'll let her off. So I decided if I'm not allowed toys I'll eat mum's slipper instead. No-one complains except mum,and even she is ok with it if it keeps me quiet and stops me and Poppy arguing.So everyone's a winner really.
Big Cuddles
Fly dog xxx


  1. O hai! That sounds really fun. :) I like toys.

  2. Aw... Poppy needs to show some sisterly love!

  3. As Fly's sister I would like to defend myself! She spends all day forcing me to play, tugging at my ears and biting my legs. So I think it's only fair that I have more rawhide than her