Monday, 13 June 2011

I started school today

I started school today with mum and dad and I really enjoyed myself. I started at Paw Play which apparently I am going to go to until I'm a little bit more confident and then I'll be able to go to agility. I met some tiny little puppies and some older dogs and I did quite well. I didn't pee myself at all which was a big improvement on the time I tried going to agility.
I played a lot with a rope toy and then I learnt how to sit on a mat and be calm. That's something I did well with, better than Poppy did when she learnt about mats. Poppy accidentally pee'd on her mat when she tried!
Then I sniffed other puppies, I learnt how to not be scared of things by walking away and I learnt about getting used to new people. The only thing I really couldn't deal with was going through a tunnel. That'ok though according to mum. She's sure that one day I will run through the tunnel.
I've had some other good walks this week as well. All in all I've had such a good week except for the thunder that I'm sure Pop will have told you about.
I'm very very tired now
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx


  1. Fly, I've found out that one of your images (there could be more) has been stolen by this website:

    This is against the law.

    Please visit Bailey, as there's lots of help there to get it/them removed.