Saturday, 2 July 2011

Out in the Big Wide World

Mum has been taking me out in to the big wide world and making me meet new people over the last couple of weeks. I have started going out to local shows so that I can represent Heavens Gate as a lovely ex rescue dog. Mum stands at the homing boards and talks to people about the charity, while I sit there and look cute and show what lovely dogs people can find in rescue centres. I have found it a little difficult sometimes, because all kinds of people  want to stroke me, and we all know I'm a little worrysome dog. My first show wasn't too bad because Poppy came along to help me, but because it was too hot this week she was left at home so I had no doggy friends that I knew, which made me a little more worrysome than usual. But mum says I did ever so well, I was fine with children stroking me, I did very little growling and only a few dogs scared me. I hope Poppy comes with me next time though.
Mum says I might be going back to school again tomorrow. I only went once and then I came in to season which is a nasty scary time for pups like me. But it's nearly over now so I'm hoping that I can go back to school this week because I really enjoyed it. What's not to like, I got lots of sausage and because I did well I got lots of fuss and praise. Fuss makes a Fly happy.
I'm a little bit sleepy from todays show so I'm off to snuggle my reindeer teddy and maybe have a little snooze. Being a Fly dog is hard work.
Big cuddles
Fly xxx


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