Sunday, 6 March 2011

The beach is amazing

 I have had such an amazing time this weekend. Mum took me and Pop on a drive and when we got out at the other end we were somewhere I'd never seen before, Pop called it the beach. Mum took our leads off and just let us run and play. We were the happiest two dogs ever. I can't believe that I've lived with mum and dad for this long and never seen the beach, I feel I've missed out. I hope I go there lots.
Today mum took me and Pop to the hills for another big run. We were still tired from yesterday and were planning on spending the day napping, but as soon as we had our leads taken off we woke up and played. We ran through bushes, splashed in puddles and I was enjoying myself so much I didn't even roll in horse poo. Me and Poppy really do have the best mum and dad in the world.
Mum did sit me down and explain that it isn't all fun, that I do have a few problems we need to work on. I've been a little bit naughty when people have come in to mums office at work and have growled at them to go away. I may have accidentally lunged at someone as well. So mum says that I need to be crate trained properly and will have to be crated at work. I feel sad. I am going to try hard not to be bad, but my dog instincts tell me I should protect my mum. Mum says she will do her bit and exercise me even more than she already does and will get me a DAP pheromone thing which will calm me, but that it is up to me to change. I really will though because I love my mum so much and really want to behave well for her.
I have been so sleepy today from my weekend of fun that I have fallen asleep in some silly places. I fell asleep lying on cushions, then I fell asleep with my head jammed between a cushion and sofa, and finally I cuddled up next to Poppy at the top of the stairs. It's a hard life being a Fly dog!
Big cuddles
Fly xxx

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  1. That photo of you sleeping in the cushions is just too much! :)