Tuesday, 12 July 2011

I won a rosette and had a birthday

Muddy after a birthday day at the beach
I entered a class in a dog show this week and I did really really well. I came second in best rescue dog. Mum says that's a really big achievement. There were about 15 dogs in the class and all of them had sad stories just like me. But because I have learnt such a lot in a short space of time and because I managed to behave well in the ring, the judge gave me a very pretty rosette and a goody bag of tasty snacks. Mum did pin the rosette to my collar but it flapped a little bit and worried me so I tried to eat it. Mum took it off me then because she said my first rosette is something that needs to be looked after and not eaten! Poppy also came second in her class, where she had to have a waggy tail. Mum said she was very proud of us both, but I'm sure she must be proudest of me because of how worrysome things are for me normally.

Waiting for a birthday sausage

I have also been back to school for a couple of weeks now and I'm doing really well. Last night we did road walking and none of my normal things made me scared. I walked nicely past cars, tractors, bikes, scooters, horses and even children without getting scared. Who would have thought a funny little dog from a farm like me could do so well at things. Apparently in the autumn I might be ready to do my bronze award. I don't really know what a bronze award is but mum sounded pleased when she told me so I'm happy.

Mum said it is my birthday this month. I am one year old. The farmer didn't remember what day I was born so mum and dad said I could have a birthday whenever I wanted in July. We have had lots of amazing walks and some really nice days out over the last few days so I think that was probably to celebrate my birthday. Especially since I ate sausage twice, I'm sure dogs only get sausage when they have a birthday. So I'm a grown up Fly now, I'm not a puppy any more.
Grown up Fly's still need their sleep though so I think I may have to go to bed now, I've got to go back to work tomorrow and I need to look my best for that.
Big cuddles
Fly dog xxx
p.s sorry about the lack of rosette photo's but even when mum put it back on me the ribbon worried me again so I chewed it again. Whoops!