Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Fly Dog New Years Resolutions

I survived my very first family Christmas without being too scared and I think I behaved very well (mum has agreed not to mention the baubles I have pulled off the tree). This time last year I was a scaredy little pup that lived outside on a farm. Mum says that now Christmas is over I have to make New Years Resolutions. She says I must make a list of things that I intend to do to improve myself. I thought that was a little rude of her as I think I am lovely, but then I stopped to think a while and I came up with some.
1) I will not strangle mum by using her scarf as a tug toy
2) I will not chew the kitten (unless she bites me first)
3) I will not growl at people and animals that go near my food (unless it's a rawhide and they get very close)
4) I will try to be nicer to black Labrador's
5) I will not bark on every single car journey (only if I think it's a really good place we're going to)
6) If I roll in poo I will try not to rub it on people that I don't know very well
7) I will not eat all the post that is delivered (I will limit it to junk mail and bank statements)
8) I will not tug Poppy's ears quite so hard and will stop when she asks me to
9) I will not chase and herd cyclists, horse riders, joggers and cars. I know that it upsets mum and will hurt if I catch any of these things (If the cyclist talks to me though I do reserve the right to chase a little)
10) I will behave impeccably at my next Good Citizens Bronze Award test and will not eat horse poo and wash my bum when asked to wait for a minute

Mummy says she will be very proud of me if I can manage a few of these things most of the time! Apparently she doesn't have very high expectations of me. I think I'm such a good Fly and I'm sure I will do well at my resolutions.
Big Cuddles
Fly Dog xxx


  1. #1, 3 and 6 are reasonable requests. The others? Pfft. At least she doesn't expect too much. Good luck furiend!


  2. Sounds like a pretty good list to me!

  3. Man you have some pretty awesome New Years resolutions! I really like 1, 3, and 5... my pup can relate for sure! I hope you stick to your resolutions better than I have... best of luck to you in 2012!


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