Thursday, 8 September 2011

Slightly happier Sprollie

Happy, rolling Fly
The funny things that my mum said are called pheromones are working now and I feel all funny and calm most of the time. It has had one strange side effect, I keep wanting to build nests. I have nests all over the house that I've made out of cushions and beds, and I've even dug a couple of nice holes in the garden that I can nest in. Mum keeps shrugging her shoulders and sighing when she sees the nests but says it's a small price to pay really for a calm Fly.
I went back to school on Monday and it was nice, if a little worrying at first. There are some new dogs, and most of the old dogs have stopped coming, and I found that ever so slightly worrysome. There is a cocker spaniel that I have met before, and there was a springer spaniel that looked a bit like Poppy and I liked her, but there was also a black labradoodle. I think everyone knows how scared I am of black dogs so you can guess how that went! I'm not proud of this but I lunged at her and tried to bite her. She was ok though and I'm hoping that with time we can make friends.

Happy Fly again
I've been having a lot of fun with Poppy this week. Mum and dad have being training her to come back so that she can be let off lead out on walks like she used to be. She still has a little bit to learn but manages to concentrate if there are squeaky tennis balls.We have had fantastic walks across fields on the levels, and we have even been to the beach. I had to be put on lead at the beach a couple of times because I like to chase the steam train that goes past, but even being on lead couldn't stop me enjoying myself.
Herding my sister Poppy dog
I would quite like to have a play with the squeaky ball myself but I know how much Poppy loves a squeaky ball and it wouldn't be fair to her to take it. So I have to be content with doing what Fly dogs do best and just chase and herd Poppy while she runs after the ball. I'm not sure Poppy enjoys that so much but I had a chat with her and told her that it was either that or taking the ball, and she agreed that my herding was possibly the best option.
I do love having Poppy back as a running and chasing friend outside. I may beat her up and chase her sometimes but I really love my sister.
Big Cuddles
A less worried Fly xxx

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  1. O hai! With all the nests, is u turnin into a birdee?